Today, as I am getting ready for school, I am thinking of the endless possibilities. As we live, nothing changes all this while. Days pass, a new year comes our way, gradually, and then boom! There comes the ‘It’s been one year already? My life’s completely changed!’ feeling. Not that I like being philosophical, but I’m having this change-y feeling today. Not to forget that I have this feeling every other day. It’s a bit more than usual today, though. But, hey! Let a human have hoped.

I reach school. As I walk through the hallway I meet my friends. We always meet up before classes to share ‘news’. Five minutes past, it’s time for the classes already. The root of every fun we have at school, indeed. But, to my surprise, the next period was a free period. I make my way to the library where I explore the bookshelves a bit, and I find this amazing book If Tomorrow Comes by Sydney Sheldon. ‘I am finishing this book today’, I say to myself. I am staying back at school, in the library.  My friends, of course, have plans. I do, too with this Tracy Whitney. I am reading and reading. I am so drowned in the book, and as I am reading more, I get a bit distracted by something I don’t understand, some incomprehensible sound. That’s a surprise because I usually don’t heed anything when I’m reading. I ignore it at first, but it kind of starts bothering me. I hear this weird noise now. Some footsteps and a cracking noise.

The kind of sound that comes when someone walks on an old wooden floor. I am reading, trying not to care. I don’t know, the sounds are really bothering me now. In fact, I am a little freaked out. I just wanted to go out of the library, I come for the door. But, before, I could even try opening it; the footsteps start to pace faster. I more I moved towards to the exit door, the faster the footsteps. Fear drives me wholly now. I can’t just open the door and face whoever it is. I have to make a decision, either I step out or I face the scary voices, and, if by any chance I walk out and if someone appears in front of me, I will be dead. I can’t even think of going out. Gathering a little courage, I walk in the direction of the sound.

I follow my right ear. Maybe I will figure out who is it? And if the person paces faster when I move forward, is he outside or is he inside? I have to get out of here and as I lean forward on the bookshelf beside to hear it better, to figure out where that person was, the bookshelf flips! And I find myself in a different room. I scream as loud as I could, but the words didn’t just come out. This cannot be good. I am really freaked out. I can’t comprehend what is it? A few seconds earlier, I was in a library and now just with a flip, I find myself in a weird room. I hear nothing, except for the echoes of my breath.

*As I see, I think this wasn’t the change I wanted, maybe now, I will never be able to see the library again. I can’t even dare to look at the room*

It’s all dark.

There’s someone in the next room. There’s a little light I can feel. As I try to move a little towards the room I see it’s just a candle, but surprisingly, it’s glowing with no solid wax.

*My first thought- why’s it lit? And who lit it? But most importantly, why did I have to be here? This isn’t good. The candle freaking me out even more.*

The footsteps are gone now, which means that the person isn’t in here, which is a relief.

*but is he in the library? Oh my God.*

I am now in a room with a lit candle with no idea how will I get out of here. But people say that the only way out is through. So, I somehow gather courage from parts of me. This is the most extreme situation ever. Is this even real? Are my eyes seeing it correctly? I take a step forward. It isn’t easy, but it is the right decision to make, which seems right to me at least.

I take myself forward. Direction-less, I am moving just forward. My head hits the wall, or is it the door? I feel a knob. It is a door. At first thought, I try opening it. It won’t open. I try searching the key if there’s one around. But to find it, was equivalent to finding the way to heaven. All I can now do is, scream! I just don’t know what do to. I am in a room with a burning candle, and I have no way out. Fear is in all parts of me now. My heartbeat almost stops. What is this school, a maze? I try to step back, but my body almost freezes there and then. I now weigh the situations I have in front of me. Remaining in the candlelit room, try opening the locked door and move back to the library. Out of which, the only option possible was to go back to the library and face the dreadful footsteps, AGAIN, as there was is the way I will remain in this candlelit room and I am just helpless about opening the door. I move back towards the flipped bookshelf.

As I am walking, my foot hits a box; the box has dust on it. First the room and now a box. I kick the box away from me, but, accidentally it opens, I hear a clink, which I perceive as metal. Is this the key? The shiny thing is near the candle ‘with no solid wax’; I dare to pick it up. Is this the key? There are two keys.

I now have a chance to hide from the dreadful footsteps, the dreadfulness of the situation I am about to face has no measure, now. Maybe more than that? Maybe less? But I really have to leave the room. As fast as I can, I rush to the door. Try the two keys and success! It opens with the second key. And as I step in the second room, I see some stuff kept in the corner, which is only visible due to the dim light. Keeping in mind all that I have been through, I decided to find the secret to this room as well. As I try to see the things, I happen to look at a name. I ignore it that first…but, wait! I have seen that.  It is some Tim’s stuff, that name somehow rings a bell. He is somehow related to Shawn. Shawn is my classmate, he studies with me. Yes, Tim is Shawn’s big brother! Oh my god. But how is his stuff here? This room had a bad feeling, something wasn’t right. I mean, that guy is graduated, and to find his stuff in such a hideous room isn’t even predictable. The walls were covered with newspapers and the room was dusty. Does anyone live here? Does the school have more secrets to its students?

I even think of going back to the darkroom but the footsteps were no longer audible, which was one fear gone. So I stay there and find a way out. I go through the room. I put myself together. Put one dreadful step and one step more. There’s the goddamn door. It is locked. God! I will just get out of here.  

That’s when I realise that I have a key. The door opens; I decide to make my way out… I am finally in the hallway. I go out of the school. I run and run. Now I am on my way home, still terrified as hell. It’s 9:30 in the evening. I am sweating. I am horrified still, at the thought of what just happened. As I am walking. I meet Shawn. He was shocked to see me, almost gasps. Not as shocked as me though. He shoots me with tons of questions, what am I doing here? Where am I coming from?  And that was in a language I can’t understand now. The words are going above my head as if I don’t belong here. Maybe, my want for change was misunderstood. Maybe the world isn’t my place to live. My head is unable to process what just happened. Shawn, in any case, isn’t the last person I want to see. Cutting him off completely, I stammer and just ask. “what are you doing out here alone, with a bag?”

He asks “What?  …I wanted to visit the…err… library, but, I thought there was someone in here…and I kind …like…to read alone.”

“I heard some footsteps here, it’s not safe in here, head back, Shawn “

In utter shock, he says” oh… it was just me, I was kind of waiting for that person, and while waiting, I was kind of fooling around, running and stuff, you know?”

I did not take me long to realise that ‘that scary person’ was Shawn. What was he up to? I continue and say, “Um…do you happen to have left some stuff related to someone dear to you?”

He almost gasps and says, “What?”

My face has confusion written all over it. I can just run and so I did, as fast as I could.


Thanks for reading.

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