I was sitting by the window, the night was darker than the usual, the air moved gently caressing my cheeks and then, I heard a voice just behind me,  I looked back but didn’t see anyone, I got up and looked around still no sign of life, then I went to sleep. In the middle of the night, somebody called my name aloud, I woke up in a distress; there I saw him standing in front of me but how is that possible? he was dead I killed him with my own hands, I stabbed him straight in the heart that night how he came alive, this is not possible this is just a nightmare or perhaps my guilt, my crime, my sin was standing nose ahead of me.

I ran, ran, ran and ran…I tried to run away from the horror of that dark night, but I failed; failed miserably.

I ran through banana groves…. environment was filled with the muggy smell… or perhaps it’s the smell of my fear…. walking with me like my shadow.

I stumbled upon a stone, I hurt my knee; it was bleeding and I was gasping for air by then. Again I saw him standing in front of me and his evil laugh…

Oh…his that horrifying evil laugh…again I started to run away from him…there…

I ended up being on the same barren field where I shovelled his corpse after killing him brutally.

I was panicking and started digging his grave. But to my surprise there was nothing; nothing at all.

Riya:  what is this all happening?

Where is his body? I killed him by myself. This is all a nightmare he is dead…..he is…dead….!!!! exclaimed agitatedly.

* There I heard his voice again*

My heart pounding, racing breath, sweat dripping off my face

Sameer: Riya…. he called my name aloud; baby what you thought, I will leave you alone, no baby I love you I’m not going anywhere, I will always be by your side alive or dead….hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha….. (His evil laugh) again echoed in my ears.

I covered my ears with my palms to resist the laugh but it ain’t stopping soon.

In the middle of the night, out of nowhere I again felt his filthy touch over my body, it made me hate him more and more. He started touching me and kissing me or should I say tried to eat me alive. I couldn’t bare his hands on me anymore. I wanted to see him dead for once and forever; but I’m just so unable to understand the situation that, how he came alive? That is when I myself with my own hand skewered him with a dagger in his cold stoned evil heart.

Thaddd…..* Heard a noise* ( flower vase fell off the table because of  Zephyr)

I woke up drenched in sweat and heavy breath.

Riya:  thank God it was just an awful nightmare, which was my reality at one point in time.

” I had to kill him, I had no other choice I couldn’t bear all that pain, shame, the demon he was. I couldn’t believe how anyone can be so cruel to his own love of life, the way he treated me,


The scares he gave me in the name of love, I ran out of the courage and haul of having him inside me every night and mutilate my pride. I was done being his sex toy. I was unable to stand his demonic wolf stare to eat me every now and then. I had to kill him for my pride, for my safety. I can kill him thousands of times, if it is the matter of my pride, my safety, my dignity, I could even chop him in little pieces”

I never thought that I would ever regret loving him; he was my life, my first love the love chosen by my parents but not me.

I could never forget that day, the day I got married to him, ” ohh….. What a feeling, I was able to feel the love and joy in the air, in the eyes of my parents. We went to Paris for our honeymoon, because it was my favourite place. The city of romance became a haunting experience for life”

I was so happy and a bit nervous too, it was the night I was going to be his for eternity.

And the moment came,

He came near me grabbed me by my waist my heartbeat starting racing, he kissed my neck, his fingers danced on my body, his lips explored every inch of me inside out, the bliss I felt that night, I’m not able to put it into words.


After we came back,

My nightmare began that day I was not feeling well and needed some rest, from sex too;

He came back from the office and wanted me to please him as usual, but I refused because of my illness;

But he didn’t want to understand anything and forced himself on me ( I couldn’t do anything except crying in dark lonely night)

Next day in the morning he did apologize for his previous night behaviour, I also forgive him as I believed he was genuinely sorry.

But I was wrong…I was so wrong;

Every night he had sex with me whether I wanted it or not, he raped  me every now and then whenever he wanted it, to do it; and he wanted it regularly as he was a  psychopath, he was suffering from satyriasis (a person who is addicted to sex)

He was not satisfied just by mutilated my womanhood, he mutilated my pride.

He had sex with other women too.

I just could not handle anymore, his justified marital rape, making relations with other women, domestic violence, he was not even letting me go. He didn’t even let me file for divorce. He tortured me, mentally and physically. I was exhausted of his fake love, and respect he gave in public; I wanted some realism in my life now, I wanted my life back and I decided to put an end to this pain, helplessness. I wanted my pride, my self-esteem back.

That day I decided, to help him too by letting him free from his sex-addiction.

That night when he came home, I was ready to free both of us from everything.

I just stabbed him in heart and yes what i did is wrong, maybe i am a criminal but what he did was against my pride, against womanhood so he deserved to die.


Thanks for reading.

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