2nd August 2000

I walked around the beaches of Santorini: hot sand massaging my feet, the sunshine making me aware of each cell on my skin and the salty breeze made me feel like I was breathing for the first time in thousand years. I took baby steps towards the edge of the beach where the waves broke into a kaleidoscope of different hues of blue and green. And I waited. I waited for the tide to bring it a little closer to me, to embrace my feet. And I waited some more. But the waves never came.

Dr.Faulkner had said that I should live in the moment. It would help me combat my overthinking and anxiety. Nevertheless, 10 hours and I was done with Greece. I couldn’t get a ship out of Santorini until the next morning but I didn’t want to sit at the beach. It was too crowded. So I started walking to my hotel. On the way, I saw a small lane going to the right that opened into a Victorian house. It had Santos Library Engraved on it. At last, I found a welcoming place.

Just as I entered the doorway I saw her standing at the counter. She was dressed in all black with black jeans, t-shirt and even boots, which was a welcome change in a place where every second person was in a Bikini. She was even wearing black nail paint. The only hint of colour was in her hair. Her hair was blue. Not like sky blue or Santorini blue. It was blue with hints of green. Like it was fading into nothingness. And her hair was a mess. Just as I was staring at her she suddenly turned around and started walking towards me talking on her phone. Her lips were curled in a thin line and I could tell she was very angry at whoever it is on the other end. She almost walked right into me.

When I came to the counter I saw the book the girl with blue hair had left. It was a colourful covered book titled The Sun is also a Star and according to the back, it was a love story of sorts. “Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment,” said the back cover and it got me wondering if seeing this girl here, was some sort of play by the universe. In that instant, I decided to check out that book just in hope that I could talk to her.

I met her on my way out. I walked slowly hoping she would follow me and I wasn’t disappointed as she came after me. She has a long face and poutish lips which were painted blood red. She had huge round brown doe eyes which were sparkling. Just watching her whine about the book all so passionately brought a smile to my face and I swear I almost saw her give one of her own. She had a certain kind of happiness radiating through her and I felt like basking in it. Forever. She asked me for the book back and I did something I had

never done in my whole life, I said No. I had thought she would argue with me but she didn’t. She just tossed her hair almost hitting me in the face with it. It made my heart skip a beat and gave a confidence of sort that I never felt with strangers. And for the second time I did something I had never done before, I told her she was beautiful to which I was met with a middle finger in the air.


Present Day

“And kids, that’s how I met your mother’. Anton sighed as he finished his story.

Alex and Sierra exchanged a dejected look. Sierra was absolutely sure that he would be able to tell them something that would help them find their mother. It was almost 20 years back that their mother had disappeared or abandoned them as her brother liked to remind her when they had gone to Greece for a holiday. She remembered their parents fighting that day. Her mom wanted a break from all of it. From dad and from them. She felt she couldn’t focus on her writing because of all the responsibilities and appearances. And then she left and never came back.

“What happened after that” Sierra asked expectantly.

“Nothing. We both went our way” Anton said closing the diary.

If that’s all I really need to get back to work.” He continued

“Yea. Thank you so much, Dr. Faulkner and we are really sorry to bother you.” Alex stood up and looked at his sister.

“Can I get a glass of water I am really thirsty. Please.” Sierra requested.

“Why not. I’ll be with you in a second.”

As soon as Anton was out of the room Sierra jumped across the table to the small shelf and took out the diary Anton was reading from.

“What are you doing?” Alex shouted.

“Reading material for the road,” Sierra said as she pocketed the book.

Just as Alex was about to chide his sister, Anton came in with two glasses of water. They bid their adieu after drinking the water and went to the garage to get their car. As soon as they were in the car Sierra opened the diary and skipped all the way to 2nd August.

“I knew it.” Sierra jumped in her seat.


“There’s a next page he didn’t read.”

“Read it,” Alex said softly.

“Okay. Here we go: My heart was bouncing all over in my ribcage and I found it hard to breathe. Maybe this is what it felt like to fall in love. She was the one. So I followed her. It felt like she was just walking from one lane to another without any destination. She was lost just like me. We reached at the end of the road which opened into a field. I found the courage and called out to her. She turned around and as soon as her mind registered who I was her eyes turned dark. She started shouting at me. I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t stalking her and that she was the one. The one made for me. That I was in love with her. But it seemed to make her even angrier and without any reason, she slapped me. Just like my dad used to. And So.” Sierra stopped reading and looked at her brother with tears in her eyes.

“And So what?” Alex pulled the diary out of her hand.

“And So I pulled my army knife from the pocket and slit her throat. And buried her in the field. Just like my dad. The contribution of the day: Made the world a better place. ”

Alex glanced at his sister. She was shaking.

“It’s going to be alright okay. We will go to the cops.”

The garage door closed down with a thud.

“What the fuck!” Sierra shouted just as the lights went off and they heard undoing of the gun safety.


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