One day while I was preparing for the dinner, my son came to my husband and said Dad “I just wanted to know how you met mummy?”. Since he already knew about that so I told him to go and finish his work that is pending. He said, no I am not going anywhere please Dad I wanted to know now. He sounded little adamant, which little irritated me. So, I scolded him. He didn’t like that and with the tears in his eyes, he slowly started walking towards his room.  Seeing this my husband got up, went to our son room. He sat beside him and said Don’t get upset, ask me what you wanted to know.

My husband called me into the room and asked me also to sit there. He wanted to make sure that whatever he is going to say my son can see the same in my eyes. The answer that my son had for his question was the most beautiful words that my husband has ever told considering his little-reserved nature. Every word that he has told him remains engraved in my heart.

He said, “ I met a girl who was young, outspoken yet reserved, carefree yet caring for the loved ones in an interview. We were there for a long time so we started talking. We exchanged the numbers so that we can be in touch. That day I met a confident girl who somehow impressed me with her confidence as well as with the sheer innocence.”  My son interrupted saying that Dad that means you both were friends right?  My husband said yes we were friends and told each other that we will be in touch. After a week or so she called me and told me that she got a job in an MNC bank and her office was near to my office. I was really happy that she now got what she wanted.

Later our conversations started as she used to call me often and used to tell me about her office, her day at work while going back to her home. Slowly that friendship started going deeper and we started meeting. Though both of us were very clear that there can be nothing between us but somehow slowly we developed an emotional bond with each other. Slowly from friends, we became an emotional anchor for each other as we started understanding each other. Son that time I met a caring, loving girl. Slowly that friendship changed into caring for each other. An emotional bond was developed!! Later on, we got married and got shifted altogether to a new city for a job. She has been a responsible daughter for her parents, caring and protective sister to her siblings, loving daughter in law and a dutiful, who has no regrets to leave everybody behind to come and settle with me in a new place. She happily adjusted and started her journey with me as my wife.  Suddenly from a carefree girl, she happily changed into a caring wife.

Seeing that our son is listening with excitement, he continued saying that one day she told me that soon we are going to be blessed with something very precious that will change our lives. Meanwhile, your mother was changing happily every day just to make sure that little gift should remain unharmed. One day in the office I got a call saying that the little precious gift has arrived. When I reached there to see the gift and my wife, she was proudly and happily holding our little precious gift in her arms making sure that it is alright. I was surprised at her as a few hours back she underwent a lot of pain but there she is right in front of me smiling as if nothing had happened. Dear son, that little precious gift was you “And That is How I Met Your Mother.”

I was looking at my husband and thinking how beautifully he as described my journey from a girl to a mother in a simplest yet touching words.

Thanks for reading.

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