Saturday 11:55P.M

Ramiro woke up from his lumber sleep, and he only had a blank image of how he got there.

Ramiro slowly recollected how he partied on Saturday night, and when Ramiro was walking out of the bar, he was sedated and that’s all he could remember. He slowly regained consciousness and studied the room he was in.

I am kidnapped Ramiro shouted. The cocaine he had at the last party was numbing down his capacity to think.

“ANYONE HERE ANYONE HERE!!” Ramiro started screaming. There was no response, but all he could hear was buzzing sounds from the computer. “Let me out you bastards! Who the fuck are you guys? What do you guys want?” Ramiro screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Ramiro” the voice from the other side of the wall called him.

“You bastards! let me out. ” Ramiro screamed.

“Well, Ramiro you have one minute for 12:00 A.M on Sunday. Make sure you use this one minute wisely and ask the right questions. Choose your words and thoughts consciously.”The voice sounded as if it was mechanical.

“Idiot what is 12:00 A.M of Sunday? What you want from me. I know Abbas only as a person. I never told anyone that I took stuff from Abbas. Please let me out.”

Ramiro started feeling uneasy and his body started sweating profusely. “You got only 10 seconds before, you black out Ramiro.”


Ramiro’s eyes went black and he could sense his ears. The voice from the other side of wall went mute. His hands couldn’t feel anything. He woke up after the blackout hit him. “

World of Change

Chapter 1

He fell three feet apart from where he was standing after a blackout. He tried to get up, but his feet felt numb. He was walking and but there wasn’t any sensation of legs. He couldn’t feel the legs properly and he fell every time Ramiro tried to get up.

Ramiro tried to shout.

My body has been numbed. Ramiro thought.

I can’t speak or listen.

Ramiro hit the ground harder with fists. But there was no pain in his hand. He started crawling with all his strength.

Sunday 02:00A.M

Why I am here?

How did this happen?

Did Ameer do this to me? I never told Ameer about Abbas.


Ramiro went through a stream of thought. The more he thought, the more he was lost.

Sunday 06:00 P.M

Ramiro got used to his state. He started craving for cocaine.

I need to get lit. I need cocaine

But he was unheard and he couldn’t see anything, except the black light as if his eyes were tied with a black napkin.

Sunday 11:59 P.M

Ramiro slept of helplessness. He wept and hit the ground. He badly craved for some cocaine and lit. The clock hit 12:00 A.M.

Chapter 2

Monday 6:00 A.M

Ramiro woke up, the eyes were still black. He tried to crawl and he heard the knuckle snap of his hand. He started listening to the footsteps from other room. His saliva was dried on his cheeks.

I can listen now, I can speak.

“Bastard! I can’t see, what did you do? I can’t see. Get me out. What have you given me?”










“Ramiro listen once. Listen very carefully. I am not going to repeat. I am not answering any questions. The moment you ask a question, my voice will go out. There is no way out. So listen.” The voice from the other side spoke.

“We know you are an addict. And we never treat our guests badly. In this room, we have placed a joint with cocaine rolled, a dice, cloth and food. So we want you to find all these things by today and place it in a glass. That’s all we have. Remember no questions. As soon as you ask a question to me, my voice blanks out and you are in this room for eternity. You will be blinded for your entire life. So, Ramiro starts searching.” The voice blanked out. The glass rolled out and a plate with food was provided.

Monday 06:05A.M

Ramiro started frantically searching through the darkness of his eyes. He started tapping things around. He moved left and right. He marked himself in mind, in the direction he moved. After searching frantically for 10 minutes he found the cloth. But he couldn’t find the glass in which he has to keep the items he had found. He held the dice in his hand and started searching for glass around. After frantically searching for glass, he found the glass and made sure, he was searching the remaining items. He found the cloth which felt like velvet and put the cloth in a glass. He found food as well and he has yet to find the cocaine joint. Ramiro was craving for one.

I will have one joint if I find one.

Monday 02:00 A.M

“So Veronica will be waiting at Harry’s, today afternoon?” The voice spoke from another side of the wall.

“And there is a red scar on her face? Did you hit her?” The voice questioned with increased intensity in the voice.

Ramiro stayed silent.

“I didn’t her. Where is she now? No, please don’t harm her. Please.” Ramiro replied frantically.

The voice on another side of the wall remained silent.

“So it seems you found the velvet cloth and dice. You didn’t find any cocaine?” The voice asked.

When will you let me out? Ramiro wanted to ask the question. But the further circumstances of him going blind forever and staying there in eternity made his voice turn into a voice in his mind.

“Let your search begin,” The voice told.

“I couldn’t find it,” Ramiro replied.

“You tried to find it even in a big city like, Plethora. It’s just a small 40×40 room, Mr.Ramiro.” The voice outside the wall sounded.

Monday 11:58 P.M

Ramiro’s blindness has enhanced the capacity of other senses. He started listening to sounds and feeling things more clearly.

“Mr.Ramiro, as a quick note, I give you permission to ask one question. You can ask only one question, Mr.Ramiro. Not more than that. Make sure you ask your question very smartly. You got one minute to think and one minute to say. Tomorrow’s going to be both Good and bad.” The voice sounded.

Ramiro wanted to escape badly. He put all his intellectual and analytical capabilities into work.

What would be that one question, I should ask?

Should I ask, where I am, but he would just tell me? But still, I will be here until I find the cocaine.

Should I ask about Veronica? It would put her life in danger.

Should I ask her about who put me here? If he answers that, I still can ask the other person to negotiate the reason why he put me here.

“Time to think is over and time to answer has come, Ramiro.” The voice sounded cautious.

“Who put me here? Why am I here?” Ramiro asked out quick.

“Well, that’s two questions, Ramiro. I can answer only one.” The voice said.

“Ok, who is responsible for me being here!” Ramiro asked.

“It’s your girlfriend, Veronica.” The voice sounded straight.

“The food will be passed to you after 7 hours from now. You still have to find the packet of cocaine, to get away from here.” the voice said.

Tuesday 12:00A.M

Veronica, how could you do this to me?

Ramiro started weeping, and tears flowed out of his eyes. Each time he rubbed his tears from his eyes, he started seeing the room slowly. His eyesight returned back.

Ramiro saw the room for the first time. He noticed the textures of the wall, the light inside the room. He desperately looked for a door inside the room, but it was just a room with walls around. There was a watch hanging around the wall. The room looked like a maze. It had a wall, which made the single room look like three rooms. There were one bathroom sink and water lying around.

He screamed out loud. “I can see. What is happening? How could Veronica do this to me? I loved her a lot.”

Ramiro noticed something strange, he couldn’t hear his voice. He screamed out loud. But he couldn’t hear his voice.

Ramiro went deaf.

Tuesday 08:00 A.M

Ramiro woke up from his sleep. Ramiro thought sleep would enhance his capacity to think, and would have more ways to think. He shouted once again, but he still couldn’t hear what he was speaking.

I still can’t listen.

Ramiro found the glass with dice and velvet cloth inside in it. He threw them out and started looking to find anything else than voice mentioned. Ramiro went to the wall and started hitting hard.

He went to the sink and washed his face. His craving for cocaine was dominated by the thought to escape.

He started scratching walls if any cocaine was hidden inside the wall.

Over three hours, he started scratching the walls to find something.

On top of the roof, he started throwing glass to find out if something was hidden on the wall above his head. He now and then clapped, so if he could hear anything.

Ramiro placed his hand on the wall, from where the voice spoke. He thought if he could feel any sensation if someone is walking around. He put his sensitive arm part. He tried feeling, now and then.

12:00 P.M Tuesday

Ramiro thought on how the food was passed to him.

Someone might come in or there should be some vent in or either a hole.

Ramiro thought.

12:50 P.M Tuesday

At the right corner of the room, where there was a wall which made into two separate rooms, there was vent out. There was a fake door, which almost looked like a wall.

A white coloured hand slid the food inside the room. The door closed immediately. Ramiro went closer to the fake door and started banging hard with fists and kicking with his leg. But the vent didn’t open.

11:59 P.M Tuesday

Ramiro started surrendering. Throughout the day, he tried to look for ways to escape. The loneliness and feeling of betrayal by his most loved person, Veronica made him just accept the situation. Slowly his mind numbed him to sleep. There is a stage, where sadness just becomes the way mind thinks. Ramiro’s mind became that. His tears came out now and then.

As he spoke continuously in his mind, Ramiro’s voice inside his mind, became his friend.

He couldn’t control a single thing, but the only thing he could control was his voice in his head.

Ramiro thought he would move his little finger, and then he started slowly moving his finger. That almost felt like bliss.

Ramiro slept off.

Wednesday 07:00 A.M

Ramiro woke up, on strange voice calling his name.

“Ramiro! Ramiro! Wake up.” The voice sounded.

I can hear! I can speak! Ramiro thought, and he checked other parts of his body if anything was disabled.

“Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!!” Ramiro shouted and he could listen to his voice and voice outside the wall.

“Did you still find the hidden cocaine in the room?” the voice asked.

“No,” Ramiro said.


“Is there any cocaine in this room?” Ramiro asked.

“Well, that’s a question, which shouldn’t be asked. But the answer is there is no cocaine in this room.” The voice said.

“Then, will I be in this room for eternity?” Ramiro asked.

“Well, it’s more a choice than a question, Mr Ramiro. In life we have choices, but when you make choice an intriguing question, that well call it to a purpose for a quest. It mind sound confusing, but let the words sink in your mind.” The voice said.

“You see, how did you feel when you are here for the first day?”

“My body was numbed. I couldn’t feel anything. Not even a thing.” Ramiro told.

“Then you started getting your senses back. You felt the senses coming back in place. You could speak one day, you could listen one day and you could see one day.” The voice said.

“I felt like an eternity and bliss. The numbing of one sense had enhanced the kinaesthetic capacity of the other sense.” Ramiro replied.

“And for all these days, you have been searching the way to numb your body, because of your problems you are trying to solve. Just like you are trying to search cocaine in this room, which isn’t there. You were trying to numb them with hash, cocaine and ganja, just like you tried to escape from this room, by finding cocaine, where there isn’t any cocaine. You felt high was giving you a new way to enhance your senses. It happened the first time and every other time it was just poisoning your body. The enhanced capacity of your senses is just like finding the dice and velvet cloth in this room. There aren’t any ways to get out of this room. I just told them, you did it and kept in the glass. You listened to your friends, about lit stuff.” The voice replied.

“It’s like, You live in a world where one of your five senses “turns off” on each day. Mondays, you are blind. On Tuesdays, deaf. Wednesday, you might as well eat chillies. Thursdays, you can’t smell. Fridays, there is no feeling. Saturdays are the only time they all work properly. Sundays, all shut off once.

Ramiro started thinking.

Ramiro immediately fainted.

Wednesday 12:00 P.M

Ramiro’s eyes opened up a bit, and he wasn’t in the place where he slept or where he was captured. He tried to open his eyes, but he couldn’t.


Ramiro opened his eyes, but he was feeling the same way. He was trying to open the eyes, but he couldn’t feel anything. He couldn’t even his open eyes. But this time, they were a lot of people around him

Friday 06:00

Ramiro woke up due to some pain because he was injected in his veins and now when his body got anesthetised as soon he was injected. He slowly opened his eyes. There was a doctor around him and Veronica stood beside him.

“What happened?” Ramiro asked.

“You had a drug overdose Mr.Ramiro and you were in the unconscious state for more than 5 days. We had to completely drain out the cocaine in your body. You have gone through a very dangerous phase, and your life was at risk.”

“Where is the wall? Where is the velvet cloth? Where is the voice? I still couldn’t find any cocaine packet, in the wall? I have been kidnapped last Sunday.” Ramiro told.

“You were lying numb here for 5 days, Veronica was here all the 5 days taking care of you. No, you haven’t been kidnapped.”

The voice of the doctor sounded just like the voice from the other side of the room.

“You will be discharged on Sunday, by 12:00 P.M”

Ramiro looked around, spoke, listened, felt saliva and touched Veronica.

“I am alive.”



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