Shilpi!! Shilpi!! Baby!!! I kept on screaming but she didn’t hear me at all. I wondered what was going on, how did this fire occur and why was she not listening to me?

It was Tuesday when Rishabh had just returned from his business trip and was waiting for his wife Shilpi to open the door. After waiting for few minutes and not getting any response to the doorbell he used the spare key kept in the flower pot. On entering he was shocked to see that there was a fire being started in the hall while his wife was cooking in the kitchen, he assumed as he heard the utensils clatter.

When Shilpi didn’t respond to his cries he rushed to her and held her hand. Shilpi shouted as she felt someone touch her but was shocked when she couldn’t hear her own voice. She could see that Rishabh was telling her something but his voice didn’t reach her ears. Rishabh took a big utensil and filled it with water to stop the fire which was still at ignition stage. He extinguished the fire and then rushed to his wife. He could see that she was frightened and afraid as his voice was not reaching her ears so he took her to the ENT specialist. After all the tests the doctor said that everything was normal and nothing was found as inappropriate. They decided to go to another doctor the next day and went home.

Next morning when Rishabh woke her up she was happy that she could hear his melodious voice again. They both were happy and decided to go out for lunch that day. They were ready by noon and left to go to Shilpi’s favourite restaurant to have her favourite Paneer dish. Shilpi asked the chef to make it a bit spicier to which Rishabh agreed. When the food arrived Rishabh loved it but Shilpi found the food tasteless and complained about the same. She used a lot of chilli sauce but still found it tasteless. At last, she gave up and had whatever was there just to fill her stomach. She asked for fennel seeds at the end but was irritated when she found that tasteless too… they both left with a foul mood. Rishabh tried to lighten her mood but was not successful. He decided to let her rest for the day. While she was sleeping in evening he planned to order her favourite pizza for her and went to wake her up after a few minutes. Shilpi didn’t feel any better but tried to smile at Rishabh’s try to make her happy. When she couldn’t even taste the pizza she started crying helplessly. Seeing her in such a state broke Rishabh’s heart. Shilpi!! Baby don’t worry everything will be alright, this is just a phase, maybe its just due to hormonal changes. Please don’t cry baby you will be fine. He tried to console her but didn’t succeed.

Next day morning Rishabh woke her up with bed tea. On waking up first she prayed that she could taste the tea. She was afraid that she would find it tasteless again but as the sip of tea touched her tastebud she felt relieved and happy to have her sense of tasting back. Rishabh was very happy to see her shine again as before. Shilpi thanked him for taking care of her when she was not feeling well since Tuesday. After their bed tea, Shilpi asked him to get fresh while she prepared him some omelette and bread toast. After putting omelette on the pan and bread in the toaster she decided to boil some water for coffee. While boiling water and taking care of the omelette she didn’t smell the burning bread. When she went to get the toast of the toaster she found it burnt but couldn’t smell it. Again lost in the confused thoughts of how she couldn’t smell the burning bread she didn’t realise that the omelette was burning behind. Rishabh rushed to the kitchen for her help but found her crying out of frustrations and asked her what happened.

“I can’t even cook for you properly every day something new goes off and I feel helpless. Rishabh I can’t understand what is happening to me” She cried

“Don’t worry my love we will consult a good doctor next week as this week the doctors are on strike. I contacted a few doctors yesterday night and found about their strike”. They sat there for a while holding each other.

Next day Shilpi woke up before Rishabh and decided to prepare bed tea for him but when she stepped out of the bed she realised that she couldn’t feel anything, not even the floor she was standing on. She couldn’t feel the motions she was making with her hands and legs which made her scream at the top of her lungs and woke Rishabh. He asked her what’s going on to which she replied “Daam it Rishabh I am not able to feel anything. My body has totally shut down. I can hear, smell, taste the water but I can’t even feel the bottle I am holding. I feel empty”. That scared Rishabh also, but he had no other way than to wait for a week. That whole day Shilpi tried to feel something but couldn’t. Rishabh made lunch and dinner that day and fed her with his own hands as she was totally distracted about what was going on.

Saturday morning Shilpi woke up with the lovely feeling of sleeping in Rishabh’s arm. That relaxed her to an extent as she had got her sense of feeling back. She decided to prepared tea but was tensed thinking about what was going to go wrong today. With that scared feeling, she woke up and prepared tea and breakfast for Rishabh. She woke him up with bed tea and breakfast that day. Rishabh was happy to see the smile on her face.

“Rishabh, Baby I can hear, smell, taste, feel and do everything today. I am getting better”.

“Yes baby, I told you it may b just hormones. Let’s go and celebrate today at your favourite place again so you can taste the spicy and delicious food again”. They went to her favourite restaurant and had the same spicy food and were happy when they left. They decided to spend the whole day together. They went for shopping than the park and finally ordered a takeaway pizza before going home. Shilpi and Rishabh both had a satisfied smile on their faces that night before going to sleep.

Sunday, which is considered to be the best and family day had become the worst day for them. It was like their whole world was destroyed. Shilpi had lost all her senses at once. She could not hear, see, feel, taste or do anything else like a normal human being. She felt her body as such a waste and just wanted to die. Her cries made Rishabh weak, but he knew he had to be strong for both himself and his love. Shilpi was the one he had loved and he didn’t want to lose her at any cost. He was heartbroken to see her in this condition but felt helpless. They both couldn’t understand what was going on. Rishabh tried to convince Shilpi that everything will be fine but didn’t know how as neither could she hear nor could she see anything. She was lying on the couch that entire day lifelessly and Rishabh couldn’t help. Even if he touched her or picked her up she didn’t feel anything at all. He was so distorted that he called his parents and asked them to come over soon. He told his parents about the entire week. His parents were also worried about her and promised their son that they would do anything for both of them. They promised him to take her to the best doctor available within or even outside India to get her back to normal. Their heart broke looking at their daughter in law in such a lifeless state. His father called the best doctor he knew and asked for an appointment the next day itself. Being a friend he decided to meet Shilpi despite the strike and asked them to come to his place on next day i.e. Monday.

Rishabh’s parents left before dinner promising to come to the doctor with them the next day.

Rishabh couldn’t eat the whole day. He decided to get to bed early. He didn’t get any sleep that night and just kept Shilpi close to him in his arms.

The next morning Shilpi woke up to the noise of a phone ringing. She was happy to hear the ringing of the phone call and even getting the feel back. But the happiness lived short and as soon as she opened her eyes she was aware that it was her eyes today she had lost sense too. She tried to feel Rishabh’s face with her fingers and found his eyes wet. Rishabh had woken up from the movement he felt on his face. As he saw his love feeling him a sad smile came on his face realising what is happening. “Shilpi, how are you?”

A tear ran down her face and all could say was “eyes”.

“I know dear, yesterday my parents visited and we have arranged an appointment for you with a well-known doctor today. Being a friend he agreed to see you today.  We will be going to his place in the afternoon. Shilpi just nodded her head worried about her relationship with him if this will continue for a long time. She started to get up but Rishabh pulled her back and as if he knew what was she thinking he said “Baby I promise to be right next to you in any circumstances. I won’t be giving up on you in any case but all I want is for you to not lose hope. Whatever the doctor says my life was yours and will always be. I love you baby doll”. This made Shilpi cry hard. As she replied with an “I love you too” she knew that she was very lucky to get Rishabh in her life and now she didn’t care about what the doctor had to say.

After the visit to the doctor and all the tests done and the results heard all she wished was could she choose which sense she could lose? But that was never a choice.

After a few months all she could think was:

No eyes to See,

No ears to hear,

Still, she sleeps without any fear.

No Buds to taste,

No nose to smell,

Still, she has a lovely spell.

No feeling to feel,

No senses to heal,

Still, she is alive with the lover that will kneel

Each day or night,

And spread a ray of light,

To give her hope so bright.


Thanks for reading.

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