In that big white serene room, all Mona could see was herself sitting on a high chair. The walls have big mirrors where she could see herself but has no idea in her mind that what she was doing there.  She calls for her mom and dad but it seems nobody is there except her. She could feel the chill running down her spine!! Suddenly she saw that there is this beautiful girl looking exactly like her, coming to her dressed all in white and has a smile on her face that can make you forget all your worries.  She gets up from the chair and asks the girl, “Who are you? Where am I? Where are my mom and dad?”. She was shaking and sweating badly. All she could think of right now was her parents.

Relax dear Mona, “I am not here to harm you. You are right now standing with your inner conscience as I wish to speak to you. Your Mom and Dad are there sleeping in the next room. I just wish to make you understand a few things after that you can go back.”  After you fought with your parents yesterday night I felt that you should understand a few things before you decide upon the future!! She was thinking about the fight that she had with her parents about the swimming classes that she wanted to discontinue because all her friends are pursuing fashion designing.  Mona realizes that she is speaking to her conscience which she has been trying to not listen and do what she was not supposed to do!!

Mona is a hard working ambitious girl who adores her parents like any other teenager. She knew that her parents have sacrificed a lot to make her a swimming champion. All the medals that are adorning the wall are the proofs of their sacrifices. But somehow under the influence of her friends, she started missing her swimming coaching. She thought that she will not look beautiful like her other friends and she will be left out. So when her parents came to know about her missed classes they scolded her and she got upset about that. Before going to bed she was thinking that she will not live anymore as her parents did not understand her.   

“Dear we all live in a world where we enjoy all the luxuries that our parents provide us. Sometimes some things are not within their reach but still, they will sacrifice their share and make us happy”. Yes I know, said Mona. Mona’s self-conscience continued, “Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the world is not in the way it is supposed to be?” What if you are not the same the way you are? What would have happened if you live in a world where one of your five senses “turns off” each day. Mona looked all confused.  The self-conscience continues. Don’t give me this confused looks. Let me explain!

“What will happen if, on Mondays, you are blind. On Tuesday, deaf. Wednesday, you might as well eat chillies. Thursdays, you can’t smell. Fridays, there is no feeling . Saturdays are the only time they work properly. Sundays, all shut off once”. Mona looked totally lost and confused.

The conscience said, you have been blinded by your friends therefore you do not see  the sacrifices that your parents do to keep you happy. Your friends have made you deaf with wrong things about your parents therefore you are not able to hear how much they love you and they appreciate you for your hard work. Your taste buds are gone that’s the reason you have befriended with wrong friends and started arguing with your parents.  You can’t even smell the jealousy that your friends keep from you when they see your success. All your feelings have changed and you have become stone hearted that is the reason you are not able to feel the love and warmth of your parents love. Some days you try to function all right but suddenly you are overpowered and you shut off yourself once.  “ Think about it Mona and then decide what is good for you and what is bad?”. All the answers lies within it’s just that you have to look little deeper and ask yourself what exactly is needed.

“Mona get up, get up beta, you will be late dear for your swimming classes.”  Seema calls her 16 year old daughter while making the breakfast. She was thinking that if she misses her class today then she will have to practice hard for the upcoming swimming competition. After the repeated unanswered calls from the kitchen, Seema comes in the room where Mona was sleeping. She shakes her continuously and after the numerous calls finally, Mona wakes up.  She was sweating profusely and seems to be in a state of shock. Mumbling to herself and looking lost Seema gets little tensed and asks Mona, “what happened darling ? Why you are looking so tensed? What is bothering you dear?”.

Suddenly Mona  hugs her mother tightly and starts crying. Seema calls to her husband . “Vinay please come in here and ask Mona why is she crying? She is not telling me anything , please come in and see. I am totally confused right now.”

Vinay enters in the room while talking over the phone and seeing Mona crying endlessly he disconnects the call without even finishing it.  Mona is her lifeline. She knows how he goes weak on knees if Mona demands anything. She is his weakness and also his proud. Even when everybody in his family was against of Vinay adopting Mona from an orphanage. Both Seema and Vinay have decided to go ahead with the decision against the wishes of their family. They both adore Mona and always push her to pursue her happiness and chase her dreams. Seeing her dad in room Mona jumps out of bed and cling on to him like an infant. Vinay asks Mona to calm down a bit, stop crying and tell what has been the issue that is bothering her too much.  Listening to his calm and gentle voice Mona calms down a bit. She stops crying but the sobbing continues….. Vinay asks her to sit down. “Here have some water this will help you”, asking Mona to drink the water from the glass that Seema just gave it to him.

“Mom, Dad I am really sorry about my last night behavior. Dad I am really blessed to have both of you as my parents. You have given so much to me who was an orphan that sometimes I really thank my stars that I might have done something good in my previous life that I got both of you as my parents”. Mona said that in one breath.  Mona why you are talking nonsense? What’s the matter dear ? Seema interrupts in between as she was getting really tensed seeing the way Mona was talking…

Vinay gently pats on Mona head and says, “Beta is there something that somebody has told you and that has made you upset? Mona nods a head in no. Then what’s bothering you soo much that you are talking  way. Please tell us me and your mom are really tensed now!!”

“Dad it was this horrible dream that I saw today while I was asleep. This dream has made me realize that you guys are the pillar of my strength and nobody except you two could have thought about me in a better way. Sorry for hurting you and fighting with you”.  Seema planted a kiss on Mona’s forehead and Vinay held her hands. Vinay said, dear daughter even if you would have done something that you might have later realized that it was wrong we would have still loved you the way we do now and still wanted you as our daughter in all our lives. You are our lifeline and with you, we are living our life.  Mona got a big smile on her lips and thanked her inner conscience that helped her to see through the darkness!!



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