King of Baghdad was angry.

With a red face, fiery eyes body shivering in fury, he was murmuring, “No! This is not real. This cannot happen. How dare he?… That frickin magician, unworthy to be equal even to the dust of my daughter’s jokers’ foot! How can he even think of my daughter as his wife; let alone demanding it from me, ‘The Sultan of Baghdad’?”

If I could get him caught, he would have been crushed under the foot of elephants, would have been beheaded at once and his bones would have been chewed by my dogs.”

What would happen in 2 hours? It is merely a threat. He dared to say that he can spoil the life of me and my citizens???… I will teach him a lesson that his seven generations will remember well. He himself will beg for his death to be saved from my wrath.”

Still somewhere in his mind, he knew that something terrible is going to happen….

Queen of Baghdad could not see her husband in such a condition. With a lot of love and soothing words she tried to calm him down and ordered for the food to be served. They finished only half of the food, suddenly they felt that there is no salt, chilli, spices in the royal lunch. Royal cook was summoned. The poor soul came trembling. He was asked to taste the food and sentenced to jail. Sultan was already in a bad mood. After having such a meal, it worsened. He went into the garden and sat there. Servants served fresh fruits. But, what was happening…. they were all tasteless. The same thing happened in the night too. The taste was gone from everybody’s tongue including the Sultan. People ate kilos of chillies to check their taste buds, but all in vain.

King understood…

“Oh, God! The magic of that darn@#&! Joker is spreading….”

King went to bed praying for the safety of his people and kingdom.


In the early hours of the morning, the weather was pleasant after a light rain. King went for the walk. The cool breeze was very soothing but there was a strange feeling. The fragrant smell of wet mud was absent.

Has he done something nasty to our land or soil?”.

Immersed in thoughts he returned from the walk and put the first bite of breakfast in his mouth. He felt relieved. “Ah! The crude magic of that joker is vanishing.” Food was heavenly. But the famous aroma of nutmeg, saffron, cardamom and other spices of Mughlai cuisine was missing.????? What the heck was happening?

Sultan was sitting alone and quiet in his room and was thinking upon the present situation. Suddenly he felt the affectionate touch of his daughter’s arms around his neck and found her beholding his worried face. Why could he not smell the sweet scent of her Irani perfume? This was all so frightening.

God keep us safe. Have mercy…”


Next morning, after a disturbed sleep, he felt that his sense of smell was working fine. He tasted some dry fruits and cardamom from the plate kept on the side table. His power to smell and taste was back to normal. He came in the garden but he neither felt the hard ground or soft grass under his feet, nor the coolness of morning breeze.

He became restless…….

He came a little far by walking and saw a woman was trying to soothe her baby but as if the baby could not feel his mother, he kept on crying. In a state of utter dilemma, he stumbled over a stone and fell.

No pain despite a bleeding cut in knee?…..

He came back to the palace and entered in his court to discuss all this with his ministers. He found everybody discussing the same things. All had the same experiences.

The king told about the wicked magician to his main ministers and asked them to remain alert. Security measures were increased in the whole of the kingdom. Orders to be prepared for any situation were issued for the army.


Next morning on Saturday spices in the food was correct, the taste was good, singing of the birds could be heard, scents of flowers could be smelled, colours could be seen.

Everything seemed perfect.

Still, there was a sense of fear, what could be the next….

The entire day passed. Nothing happened. Many people could not sleep in the night due to the fear of yet another mishap.

Something weird started happening with the dawn. Light of slowly rising sun suddenly disappeared. It became all dark with a horrible silence. No sound of any kind, no smell, no touch. As if a void space surrounded everyone. People were running, falling and calling each other. But no sound could be heard, no touch, no pain of hitting and falling could be felt.

After a long time of chaos, they started getting settled and surrendered themselves in prayers. Nobody could keep the track of time. The only existence was of darkness, silence and fear.

Suddenly some cries of small babies could be heard. Scents of dust and wet mud could be smelled. The skin could feel the touch of small raindrops.

But still, this wretched darkness was not ready to go……….

As the day passed, people, cursing the magician, started to adjust slowly with their blindness.

Four days passed …..

No sound….then no taste….then no smell….then no touch….one after the other.

King was very disturbed. This situation reminded him of Alladin. He knew that Alladin had some recently acquired magical powers, as he could make a magnificent palace just in seven days to meet the condition of the king’s daughter’s marriage. Personally, he didn’t like him and was still not ready to accept him as his son-in-law. He thought of testing him once again. Saturday, when everything was fine, he called Alladin in his palace. Alladin was also confused about the recent happenings. King told him about the magician, his desire to marry the king’s daughter and his threat to spoil the life of everyone in Baghdad because of king’s denial. Alladin became furious as he and the princess were very much in love. He had a magical ring. He rubbed it and a giant genie appeared before them.

King was dumbfounded.

Alladin ordered the genie to explain what is happening and to uncast the spell. Genie told that this spell is cast by the genie of the magical lamp which is in possession of the wicked magician. “That genie is more powerful than me O Master! I can’t uncast this spell.”

He explained that in this spell one of the five senses will ‘turn off’ each day. Monday-eyesight, Tuesday-hearing, Wednesday-taste, Thursday-smell and Friday- touch will be lost. Saturday will be the only time they all will work properly. Sunday all will be ‘shut off’. And this will go on……

After getting all this information from the genie Allain decided to go and fight with the magician for his love and his countrymen.

Genie told him that the way to the palace of the magician goes through a magical cave, which has many kinda weird talismanic things. Sometimes there will be horrifying scenes, sometimes bloodcurdling scary sounds, sometimes confusions as to which way to go etc. He has to deal with all of this on his own. Genie gave him a locket which could protect him from any physical harm due to any kind of magic. But that too, he warned, will work till the gate of the magician’s castle.

Genie took him to the cave estuary. It was Sunday. Alladin was deprived of all of his senses. He entered the cave after offering a small prayer to God.

Losing all the senses had become a boon to Alladin. He did not get scared due to visual distractions, horrifying sounds or scenes. Due to the locket, he was safe, he knew it!….

He kept on walking without feeling any fatigue or pain. After some time, he regained his senses except eyesight. He was too tired to walk even a single step. He decided to take rest for a day and wait till he gets his eyesight back.

He entered the castle the next morning. The magician had never imagined that anybody could cross that cave so there was no security inside the castle. It was a beautiful place. The magician was sleeping in his room. Due to his previous encounters with him, Alladin knew the secret to kill the magician. His life was in a rose plant. To search for it, in such a big palace, was a mammoth task. Today Alladin was deaf but when one sense does not work, other senses become sharper. With his heightened sense of smell, he could find it on a window sill.

He quickly plucked it.

As soon as he did that, he felt an earthquake. The magician was howling in pain. Soon he fell down dead. Alladin took out the magic lamp from the magician’s pocket and rubbed it. Genie appeared and Alladin commanded, “uncast your spell at once and take me back to my home.”

In a flash, he was in his land and everything was as normal as before. People were dancing in joy.

Sultan was delighted to see his countrymen’s happiness. He accepted Alladin as his son in law and after a few years, sultan crowned Alladin the new sultan. With the help of his genies, Alladin made his subjects happy and prosperous.

Alladin ruled happily ever after…………………



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