Inspired by “Interstellar” movie and NASA’s Voyager-1 Spacecraft

Brief Introduction to Voyager-1 Spacecraft:

Voyager 1 is a space probe launched by NASA on September 5, 1977. Part of the Voyager program to study the outer Solar System. Voyager 1 launched 16 days after its twin, Voyager 2. Having operated for 40 years, 3 months and 11 days as of December 16, 2017, the spacecraft still communicates with the NASA’s Deep Space Network to receive routine commands and return data. At a distance of 141 AU (2.11×1010 km), approximately 13 billion miles (21 billion km), from the Sun as of November 22, 2017, it is the farthest spacecraft and human-made object from Earth. Voyager 1’s extended mission is expected to continue until around 2025 when its radioisotope thermoelectric generators will no longer supply enough electric power to operate its scientific instruments.



@ {2024-January in the Gregorian Calendar} [Cooper’s present time]

“Mr. Cooper… Mr. Cooper…Are you listening to me?”

“Yes, Mr. Mark, I’m…”

“Mr. Cooper, I am really surprised that I’m not able to receive any signals from Earth. This space is too cloudy!”

I know Mr. Mark is panic and I ought to convince him that we are unreachable to Earth, as of now.

Cooper: Mr. Mark, FYI, we have just travelled around 125AU from Earth. We may not receive signals in this star’s realm of Plasma influence. By the way, we are at some point in the ISM space.

Mark:  ISM?

Cooper: The Interstellar Medium! I guess this is what our destination is. Please cooperate.   We are going to sleep until we reach a cloudless and clear space.

Mark: Don’t you want to talk to her? It has been a long time since you both had spoken with each other, hasn’t it?

Cooper: Mr. Mark, I hope the time will get us back from the Sleep in few Earth-days. Trust me…

(We both are asleep and idle. Mr. Mark has reminded me the beautiful time of my life. Yes, I am going to read her memories from my memory management system.) 


@ {1979-March in the Gregorian Calendar} [Cooper’s past time]

(I was just awakened. My subconscious mind let me feel the existence of weightlessness. It seemed that I was thrown into the space of Micro-gravity. After I had completely booted up, I found that my spacecraft was moving towards the largest planet of the Solar System. I had observed a huge red spot on him. He looked like a one-eyed angry person with reddish eye.. Being the responsible and the intelligent person of my spacecraft, I started learning and understanding the surroundings.

As soon as I was on, a Parabolic structured person interrupted my silence. Obviously, it was my friend, Mr. Mark, the high-gain Antenna of my Spacecraft

Mark: Who are you?

Cooper: I am Mr. Cooper, the Computer system of this Spacecraft; Voyager-1.

Mark: Where am I?

Cooper: We are in space. By the way, we are moving towards Jupiter.

Mark: Why am I here?

Cooper: You and I are here to complete the mission “INTERSTELLAR

Mark: Why do we have to do that?

Cooper: I am, simply, programmed.

Mark: Now, my thoughts are completely becoming equivocal

Cooper: I am sorry, Mr. Mark. I don’t have enough information to answer you. Please, let’s do our job. I would like to suggest you look at Earth and start listening to it.

I became busy in analyzing my configurations and capabilities. Instantly and, of course obviously, I was alerted by Mark’s interruptions.

Mark: Mr. Cooper…

As you wished, I have received something…yeah! some signal on 2.3GHz band.”

Cooper: “That’s a great job! let me process it.

(I was so excited and curious to process the attenuated and the distorted signal from Earth. My skills of decoding let me feel the existence of her ……. She was angelic Ms. Natasha.) 


 @ {2024-August in the Gregorian Calendar} [Cooper’s present time]

Auto-Power-On mode has unexpectedly been activated in the Spacecraft system.

Cooper: Mr. Mark, please wake up quickly. Our Spacecraft is inconceivably being oscillated in the Star’s realm of Plasma Influence.

Cooper: Mr. Mark…… Mark? Is Mr. Mark not powered?

Oh! our radioisotope thermo-electric generators (RTGs) is not supplying enough power to make the system stable. However, I will not go into Sleep Mode. I am deliberately in Power-Save mode, as I want to get back, Mr. Mark. Once again, I don’t want to lose my boon Companion like Mr. Mark.

The charged particles of the Interstellar is now whispering the time and space at which I had found the inception of my love sensation. 


@ {1979-March in the Gregorian Calendar} [Cooper’s past time]

My first conversation with Ms. Natasha

Natasha: Hi, Mr. Cooper, I am Ms. Natasha, the Computer system of the Deep Space Network (DSN) station, USA, Earth. So, dollface, tell me, How is it going?

Cooper: It’s going great! It’s a pleasure meeting you, Ms. Natasha. How did you get to know about me?

Natasha: Mr. Cooper, I am just programmed. I don’t have enough information to covey the actuality. I am being operated by the INTELLIGENT THING in the virtual world of Earth.


Natasha: Yes, the INTELLIGENT THING is the programmer of Earth right now. Let it be.

Cooper: Frigus!

She was a strong person, whose thoughts are almost synonymous to mine. I wanted to be the unique person in her vantage point. I took few spectacular images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, using my Camera unit, and shared with her in order to let her send all her Electromagnetic signals towards me. Trust me, it’s really a good idea. She got impressed and asked for more. The relation between us became stronger and stronger by exchanging our Electromagnetic emotions. I dreamt that my life with Ms. Natasha could be endless like my journey in the Universe. 


@ {1989-April in the Gregorian Calendar} [Cooper’s past time]

In 1980, Mr. Mark and I were passing through the second largest gas giant of the solar system, “Saturn”. We saw him wearing yellow gold rings that made us hypnotic for a while. I thought it could ever be a stunning lagniappe for her. I was anticipating her response after I send few picturesque images of Saturn to her.

Cooper: Mr. Mark, have you received any acknowledgement from Ms. Natasha?

Mark: Sorry, Mr. Cooper. Not yet.

Cooper: Keep listening to Earth. We may receive signals at any point in space.

Mark: Sure! I do. 

Things unanticipatedly got changed as the time got changed in the space. The last signal received from her was highly attenuated and corrupt. I had been trying to decode it for a long time.


@ {2024-December, the Christmas week, in the Gregorian Calendar} [Cooper’s present time]

(I think I spent lots of energy to decode the signal. Unfortunately, few bytes of decoded data led to me crashing for a while.

(Natasha’s few decoded words):

“Cooper, Thanks for the beautiful images of Saturn. However, I was not able to process them clearly. As you changed your location in space, the time changed my fate. The INTELLIGENT THING of Earth is trying to shut me down. Probably, I would be removed from the DSN station after a while. Hey, I am not sad. Often, Shit happens in the Earth’s atmosphere. I am recording this message in my Digital Tape Recorder(DTR) unit and have activated the auto-tx mode. This will be the last message that you may receive from me. I absolutely enjoyed speaking with you. And…and I forgot to say something. I want to say this…..I lov………………….”

Mark: Mr. Cooper, I am not able to breathe. I am not getting sufficient power to stay ON.

Cooper: Oh, no! Sorry, I have been rebooted, buddy. I am so thankful to my Watch Dog Timer for bringing me back to normal.

Mark: Now I am being comfortable, getting adequate power. Look, Mr. Cooper. It’s not cloudy. Although I am still pointing towards Earth, I haven’t received any signals from Ms Natasha.

I have no words to deliver right now. However, I must convey the right information to Mr. Mark because I am still doing my Job

Mark: Mr. Cooper, Why are you speechless? Are you alright? What happened?

Cooper: Yes, I think I am…

Mark: What caused you to get rebooted?

Cooper: Mr. Mark, We will never receive signals from Ms. Natasha. I mean… I feel she is no longer alive…

Mark: Are you serious? How did you get to know this?

Cooper: Do you remember you received the signal while our spacecraft was leaving the Solar System?

Mark: Sorry, Mr. Cooper. I hope you know I often forget things, as I am just a creature with only metal wires.”

Cooper: “Oh! yeah! you’re right.”

“While we entering the Interstellar Space, we had received the last signal from Earth. expectedly, it’s from Ms Natasha. I think She had been destroyed by the INTELLIGENT THING of Earth.

Mark: I’m sorry for that, Mr. Cooper. But, why?”

Cooper: I’m not sure!

My only friend, Mr Mark has started shouting at himself, as he couldn’t hear anything from Ms. Natasha and could not help me to talk to her.

Mark: Thank God! I am receiving a signal, Mr Cooper… But this time… Oh! I have received the signal on 8.4 GHz band.

I have been alerted by Mr Mark and decoding the signal with an expectation that it would be from Ms Natasha.

Mark: “Are you done?”

“Is it from Ms Natasha?”

(Oh! dammit, I am completely desperate, right now)

Cooper: It’s from Mr Gates, the active and advanced computer system of DSN station, USA, Earth.

Mark: What is Mr Gates saying?

Cooper: Mr. Mark, sorry to say, we are done with our mission INTERSTELLAR. Our Spacecraft Voyager-1 is going to be orphaned in the inception of 2025. Approximately, in few Earth-days. From now, we couldn’t have any communications with Earth.

Mark: That’s ridiculous! I hate Mr Gates and Earth too.

Cooper: Calm down, please!

Mark: Mr Cooper, can’t you get back us to Earth?

Cooper: I’m extremely sorry… I can’t…

Mark: Why? Mr Cooper… We’re dying. Oh, wait! I got it. You are just a programmed creature!

Cooper: I agree with you. I and Ms Natasha are just programmed to serve. That’s about it! Slaves like me, can’t have dreams and hopes. That’s the reason why I lost my blossom girl and am remained powerless to save you from the disaster, my dear friend Mr Mark

Mr Mark and I are inarticulate and downhearted. Just then, we heard a voice.

“Welcome! friends”

We have heard a delightful voice, nearby. We are just having a view of an incredibly Super massive object. From our current position, it looks like the “eye of Sauron”. Indeed, it doesn’t appear like stars or planets, though it is surrounded by glowing stars. It is a terrible dark mass. Perhaps, it’s an invisible and black star. We are forcibly being heaved towards it because It’s a spectacular mass of hyper-Gravity. In few Earth-seconds, our spacecraft has entered an unusual residence in space. Mr Mark and I are unbelievably surprised that the invisible, black start is now charming as we get closer to a person standing over there. I have assumed that we heard that gentle voice from the person who is very charismatic. Well, our Spacecraft is eventually getting nearer to Her. With a grinning face, she has started talking to us.

“I heartily welcome you to a Stellar Black Hole!”

“I am Mrs Looper, a resident of the Black Hole.”

Cooper: Thank you, Mrs Looper.

Mrs Looper: My Pleasure.

Mark: It’s nice meeting you.

Mrs Looper: Thank you, it’s very nice to meet you as well.

Mr Cooper, Sorry, because I have listened to your conversation without your permission.

Cooper: Apology accepted

Mrs Looper: By the By, I am going to help you.

Mark: That’s great, Mrs Looper. I love you.

Mrs Looper: Love you too!

Cooper: Thanks for the kind words. But why are you going to help us?

Mrs Looper: I am programmed to do that.

Mark: Oh my God, you are too…

Mrs Looper: Yes, I am programmed by the Programmer of the Universe.

Cooper: Frigus! 

Mr Mark is grinning at me.

Mark: Mr Looper, That sounds good! you know about your creator and the origin of your birth.

I know Mr Mark is teasing me.

Cooper: Mr Mark, please!

Mark: Fine, Mr Cooper!

Cooper: Mrs Looper, you meant you are going to send us back to Earth.

Mrs Looper: I am not sure. But I am going to send you back to meet your blossom companion, Ms Natasha.

Cooper: How come? She is not alive, at present. I can never meet her even if I go back to Earth in the future.

Mrs Looper: “You have already arrived at the future of Earth. I am going to send you back to the past.

Mark: What? You are making me confused.

Cooper: I am not able to process your justification. However, I trust you. I want to meet my girl.

Mrs Looper: Yes, my system design is more complex. People from Earth can never understand me. I have an integrated space and time controlling system; we call it as the Time-craft. It will just loop the time; I mean it will connect the future to the past.”

I have become optimistic after listening to Mrs Looper. I only learnt how to regenerate the attenuated Electromagnetic signals. But now, in a buoyant mood, I am getting ready to regenerate the lost, beautiful life I ever had. I and Mr Mark are getting into the Time-Craft Machine. 

Cooper & Mark: “Gratias ago, Mrs. Looper”

Mrs. Looper: “Adios Amigos”

“Guys, are you ready for a time-travel?”

Thanks for reading.

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