Rohan remembers telling his mother “is it necessary that I should be the candidate for the next presidential election? After all, people are, independent and democracy will decide the future. Why our family wants to hold on to the power?”

His mother surprised hearing his voice “you are scaring me, how do you think we live without political power? No one gives you respect. One thing that your father was good at was ruling other people. I am sure, that good quality probably should be there on your gene too. Trust me when I say no one can do a better job than us.’

Rohan doesn’t know how to convince his mother? He hates to be in the middle of people giving a speech. Selena said once ‘your heart could not take hatred from no one’. It is true he needs the love of everyone maybe that was not a quality for a leader. However, to impress Selena he thought it was the best quality. When he thinks about his future, he could not imagine a life without her.

Rohan couldn’t forget that day, he woke up, as usual, he checked his mobile phone 13 missed calls. Selena’s name reflected on the screen. Something was amiss. Unlike her normal Good morning message she Whatsapped, “dude call me as soon as you wake.” As I am about to dial her number, another message pops up, “never mind, I left home. come to the Pine crest school”.

Officers spread across the road. They said it was not possible to drive any further. I had no idea what was going on. I get down from the car. As I walked forward, I couldn’t see the road anymore Whole Street spread with people. Everyone had a candle on his or her hand. Later I realised it was a demonstration but for what? It seemed like impossible to find her in this crowd.

Thanks to the giant red maple tree, she told me to come under the tree. She was very much agitated when she saw me “Rohan why you are not answering my calls?”

Bewildered Rohan asked her “I know I am sorry woke up late today. What’s wrong here?” he could not guess anything from her expression.

Selena disbelievingly looked at him ‘you don’t know! it happened again. Seventeen died in a horrible shooting. You know I graduated from this high school. This is twenty-fourth shooting this year happening in schools all over the country. I know there are no good leaders who are capable of bringing a strong legislation against Gun lobbies. Democracy is defected and doomed.’

Rohan asked confused “why you are blaming democracy? I think the reason is obvious like banning the guns or do enforce a background check on the gun owners”.

Selena, her blue eyes crisp and clear, replied, “How do you expect a leader would ban something that he had endorsed for. There are allegations that he took millions from opulent gun lobbies.

Ironically, the chaos is happening in, schools should be guiding the students on the right path. Rather, the students themselves are turning into monsters. The teachers or parents are helpless in locating the demons sleeping deep inside.”

‘Yes. You are right’ Rohan somehow wants to end the conversation and vanish from the crowd he said ‘no one knows what lies in the mind of a person.’

Selena replied ‘Apparently, human eyes or instincts could not predict how a person behaves looking at their face or monitoring their behaviour. Sometimes we ourselves couldn’t foretell how we would react to a situation. However, what if a computer algorithm can gather information from your genes and predict your future? If they find an evil trait in you, they will modify your gene. Obviously, the evil will be turned into love in this world.”

Rohan still could not fully comprehend what she was rumbling about “Talking about science is boring, why you care so much. Let’s focus on us. Where do you think we should go for Valentine’s Day?”

She looked furious hearing that “do you really want to know why I care so much; you probably don’t know I had a twin brother back in high school. One day he pulls a prank. I couldn’t believe when he informed me not to worry about homework. He showed me a toy gun then put that into his school bag. In the middle of the class, he looked at me and smiled, then he took the gun out…. phuuuuu….a shocking sound reverberated in the air. Silence…everywhere except the painful bawling of my brother stumbling on to his chair than to the carpet. When he was falling down, he shouted angrily to the teacher “it was a toy gun”. But it was too late the gunshot from his own teacher buckle him down on to the floor.”

Rohan was startled he couldn’t guess the coming of this depressing past in her life ‘I am really sorry to hear that’.

She failed miserably to hold back her, tears, wetted her cheek “the whole world is getting paranoid day by day. I still couldn’t believe that our own teacher would do that to his student” 

Rohan hugged her in consolation.

She slowly wiped her cheek. “This needed to end we needed to fight this demon together. I wanted to know are you with me on this?’

Rohan hesitantly said, “Sure. Whatever you are up to, I am here to support you.” 

“Yes. I have a plan. Your mother is the leader of the political party right? Selena Asked a new kind of optimistic shine raised in her eyes.”

Rohan deviously looked at her, “Yes indeed. She is the leader of the opposition. Why we need her for”. Rohan loves his mother that was why he does not like to talk to her often.

Selena cleared her point ‘See Rohan first of all we needed to educate the people about the use of the gun and take those killing machines out of their hands. I think we could use politics as a tool. Your mother can play a huge role’

Rohan laughed ‘you don’t know my mother. Never mind, I guess she probably will retire soon from politics’

Pleasantly Salena blurted out ‘Yes that’s why you should request your mother to include you in the next presidential election’

He fell silent. The one thing that he hated to do was to enter into the politics. He could blatantly say a no to his mother doesn’t care about hurting her feelings. However, it is highly impossible to say a no to a person whom you are trying to impress.

“You are not alone we can do it together,” Selena tried to cheer him.

Rohan’s mother cannot believe the news when he told that he is willing to participate in the election. She was overjoyed. However, something in Rohan’s face was not right. But who cares, all that matters was someone who can be trusted to pass her family legacy.

Serena tried to wake Rohan. ‘Unbelievable! You slept again.’ They together in his home, Selena really concerned about the next day.

Rohan raised from the laptop wiped his face, ‘Do you need a cup of coffee? One second let me make one for you.’

‘Seriously, Rohan. Do you have any idea what you should say tomorrow?’

Rohan chuckled, ‘Mom told she will address them. She told me she had a plan.’

Disappointed Selena, tried hard to suppress her anger ‘you are capable of winning an election. You are running for the election, not your mother. If you are not motivating your team by giving guidance on how can you expect them to do their best. First, you should make your team believe in you then they will spread that to the rest of the people.’

Selena has no doubt he was the best man for her but was sceptical about him taking this job.

However, through him only she can implement her dreams of curing the illness of paranoia of the society, the reason for her brother’s death, and manifest peace. It was impossible to live happily with Rohan bearing the burden of an unfulfilled dream.

‘Don’t worry,’ Rohan said, ‘tell me what I needed to tell tomorrow, I’ll listen.’

‘That’s my boy,’ she kissed him gaily.

As Selena’s advice, he addressed the campaign team she hired. “You know, the majority of the country is young like you. Apparently, we should focus on youth, as you very well aware they are tiered of big corporate lobbies rigging the election. Yes, I know it’s not easy without the hefty corporate money. However, we should try to raise small amounts from many people. And should show the courage to stop supporting the flow of corporate fundraising.’

Among the audience sat in the front row, his mother, was listening to everyone. She rose from the seat. ‘How do you think we will win by removing money from the equation of election? Democracy was always a nonviolent way of ruling a crowd. What would happen to the country if the corporates loose interest in supporting the government? Government alone couldn’t bring the growth. It is imperative that people who know how to bring growth to the country should rule. We are here to silence the rest of the consumers. The capitalism drives in the principle of survival of the fittest. The fittest will rule the world. The weak will perish. It was always their money and their world we are just employers. If you are not accepting money, your opponents do and they will win.’

Rohan sat remorsefully. He didn’t prepare for this but he needed to protect the interest of his love. ‘Okay I know I’m inexperienced, I don’t know about what you said but I have a request please don’t take money from the gun lobbies like NRA. I do not understand why we need the gun for the citizens. People are scared and they think the gun is necessary to survive. Is the reason for increasing crimes in the country. We are making a paranoid society’

His mother couldn’t resist ‘I don’t think the crime rate is increasing. If you compare the 20th century the wars with guns are far too less. Now a day’s media focus solely on negativity. I demand you wholeheartedly accept what one has to give. Never mind if its gun lobby or bomb lobby’.

Rohan could not believe what just happened. He knows nobody can do a better job of manipulating and twist an idea and convince others than his mother. His confidence plummeted as hearing his mother’s rudeness. He felt like a child, been silenced when asked for a chocolate. Humiliate in front of everyone. Rohan cursed himself. He thought he could have researched little more to put a significant point to win the debate with her. He couldn’t find a legitimate excuse to tell Selena. He promised himself he would do whatever it takes to lose the election. Selena would never know and he didn’t have to tell her until he loses. However, it was hard to tell a lie to her either.

Rohan, show up, neither to any channel debate nor to meet his own team members. His phone rang; Selena’s name on the screen. It went silent again. He unlocked the phone, stared into the screen 51 missed calls. Rohan thought she would not understand now. However, after losing the election, she would listen to him.

When the last vote counted he couldn’t was this possible? He dialled Salena number however reached voice mail after a pause he disconnected without recording. He wanted to see her in person. Dialled Again and again, however, no response.

Every second that passed in the last three years is still pristine in Rohan’s memory lanes. The first thing he had done after coming to presidential office is urging the committees to pass a strong gun reform law. Even after signing the bill into a law he hopes Selena will answer his calls and will come to meet him. The signing of the bill goes vain neither it did make an impression on Selena’s mind nor in criminals’ mind. Criminal minds found new ways to kill the innocent.

That is when once personal secretary told him about a company researching behavioural and genetical engineering. He informed Rohan ”the company is arguing that they successfully modified the behaviour of animals and now they are asking the permission for a clinical testing on people.

According to them, they can scientifically turn evil into love. Even before the birth of a child, they can destroy evil behaviour from the Childs behavioural trait. They think it is also possible to find out the strength and weakness of a person before their birth and design an ideal child.’

Rohan instinct told him he has heard this idea before from someone he loved.

With a sly smile, his personal secretary informed, ‘The CEO of the company need a date of yours,’ Rohan’s heart pounded ‘what’s the name of the CEO.’

Secretary answered, ‘She told her name is Selena Wheeler.’

Rohan, in a flick of seconds, he flew into a timeless world of joy. There is no thoughts or no worries in his mind, this few seconds he recognised as moments of happiness, which was getting rarer and rarer in his life. After that euphoria had passed away, many questions float on his head. ‘Is she seeing someone else? If Serena would have loved him, she shouldn’t have abandoned him.’

There is no doubt in his mind that she does not love him any more however, he couldn’t wait for the day of the meeting.

They hugged it’s been 3 years since he met him. Rohan as soon as he met Selena he decided not to go for any routine. He cannot resist asking ‘where were you I missed you so much. Initially, I couldn’t talk to you, then when I called, you didn’t pick up. I always loved you. You do not know how I survived without you. I am sorry if I…’

Selena smilingly interrupted him, ‘I called you when I come to know about the incident that day in the meeting, indeed it was you did not pick up my calls. I would have understood if you have told me about everything, however, you decided to keep silent. I was sad. Isolated in a kind of loneliness and desolated in a tiny room for days. Then I realised the path we had chosen was wrong. I promised myself that there should not be a speck of evil in our world. So I started a company and now I found a way to wipe out the evil from this world. It is going to be an eternal sunshine of love forever in our world. Yes, I still love you.


Thanks for reading.

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