It had been two months since 22-year-old Mark Lobo went missing. Though Mark’s name was still on the list of missing people in police records, his twin sister, Clara, stopped hoping for a knock on the door. As every day, she made her tea and took a pile of papers to proofread and sat on the sofa. The town once tiny and ideal to live in was now a hell for Clara. It ate her brother, she thought. After losing her parents in the conflict with goons in their old family shop, Mark was the only one left in her family. They raised and stood by each other; they could never get rid of the terror of their parents’ death. Would those goons take his brother away? But why? All they wanted was the cash on the counter, which they had. What else could be the reason? 

Though Mark grew up into a reserved man, extremely reticent about his feelings, Clara believed that her twin brother shared everything with her. 

While shuffling through the papers, Clara saw a postman standing at her door. She was expecting a draft today, she received an envelope instead. She took out a piece of paper with only one line, “Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.” At first, she thought that the envelope was delivered to the wrong address. But deep down in heart somewhere, Clara was still hoping for any glimpse of a hint which could lead her to her brother. 

The night was illuminated by the full moon. The bridge was quiet. Clara was the only human there accompanied by a number of crickets around. She walked further and another piece of paper pressed by a stone on the bridge, like someone had placed it recently. Now she was not sure whether it was for her. But taking a chance, she picked the paper and unfolded it. “Clara,” the first line read. It was for her.

It read,

“I am alive. Today, I came to tell you that. I couldn’t choose daytime as I am in the police’s missing record. Plus I couldn’t show you my face, outgrown beard and all, you see!

“That place was never for me, Clara. Ever since mama and papa died, I knew that I could never live that life. One day, I packed bags and decided to leave. And I reached here, in the dense woods. Here is the better world, sister. Why haven’t I taken you with me? You know, George is going to propose to you. Sorry for spilling the beans, but it is important for you to know that I am not a selfish brother. I want you to have a life, a family out there. But I had never seen myself there, so I am here where I am supposed to be. Don’t look for me, but I can see you. I couldn’t meet you otherwise you won’t let me go. I found my piece, hope you’ll find yours. Love you, sister.”


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