Ved has been working in his lab, continuously for three days straight. He has been trying to obtain a particular composition right. He barely ate and whenever he dozed, his dreams are filled with chemical compounds reacting and “cling” sounds made by the apparatus.

Ved had a great experiment in his mind, which he thought would enhance the human consciousness and revolutionise the Neolithic race.

“You are just a sick scientist, who thinks he can change the world. Leave about changing the world, you are just a piece of shit.” Ved’s boss would comment.

Three days post the restless work in his lab he got the chemical composition right. He took out his notes where he was recording his observations and wrote in bold, “2S120.” Ved took out his phone and called Krishna.

“Krishna, I found out the solution. I need a subject, whom I can test on.”

“Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.” Krishna told.

“Next to the 10Km sign?”

“Yes, the one where it all started,” Krishna said and hung the phone.

Satya stopped his bike on the other side of the bridge.

I am scared to die, but I don’t have another option. They are going to come behind me. Satya told in his mind.

He picked up a heavy stone, which was lying around. He took out the thread from his bike. He tied one end of the thread to the stone and another end to his leg. He walked towards and stood on the railing of the bridge. Those were the moments of decision. He was one step behind the death. Satya had to take that one step.

Ved and Krishna watched the whole episode of Satya.

“It’s time.” Ved signalled to Krishna.

Krishna went closer to his car and made ignition in his car. Satya was scared of the noise and got down from the railing. Ved silently sneaked behind Satya and took out the bottle from his pocket, which was written 2S12O. He sprayed secretly watchfully on Satya without him noticing. He hid silently behind the milestone.

Had the car left? Satya thought in his mind.

“I think so, yes.” The voice replied out loud. Ved and Krishna silently observed him.

“Who are you?” Satya shouted. The voice didn’t reply.

No one might me.  He thought.

“There is someone here.” The voice replied.

Satya  shouted out loud, “Who are you?” The voice didn’t reply.

He silently said in his mind. “Who are you?

It’s me. You. The voice replied.

“I want to die,” Satya said in his mind. “There is nothing left for me. I have failed in everything.

Who are you?” The voice asked.

I am beast. I am the best. I can do anything” Satya shouted in his head.

Ved and Krishna could hear the voices in Satya’s head.

“It worked. One needs one’s conscience and thoughts in head to evaluate at tough times and I did it.” Ved smiled at Krishna.

Satya walked away with a smile and brimming confidence.


About the Author Chaitanya Y V

Born an introvert, Chaitanya Y V is a writer who searches his soul in the words he is writing. He is so serious about becoming a full-time writer that his head is filled with stories, alternate plots, characters and desire to have in-depth conversations. Though constantly fights a war against "writer's block"; some of which are won and some lost, he loves the smiles and emotions on the faces of the reader, when reading his work.