I’m Chia, Fran’s wife. Actually, we saw each other and get to know about each other during our colleges and then consequently we fell in love and married. We have many similar things like we love ghost hunting, evils, darkness and adventures and many more but slightly Fran is frightened about these things though he says he loves it just ‘cos I love it. Fran is a computer engineer, whereas for I’m a housewife, I didn’t like to go to a job. We have transferred to a new house where there will be only peace for us. We love silence too, so we chose the Area 153. But we never knew that there is a rumour surrounds that Area which is terrible to hear as well as which is hard to believe. So, we ended up in deciding to stay in that area itself.

Once while I and my husband were free and had nothing to do, we have gone to that haunted house. I wore jeans and a shirt and Fran wore a night pant and t-shirt, I also had by my side a handbag for getting things which are ancient or whatever lovely. We love scary things and like to watch or take an adventure in it if possible. So, we entered the haunted house or should I say mansion.
It was looking scary outside the mansion but inside it’s lovely. We, I and Fran stood at the entrance of the mansion. He said he’ll look upon upstairs as I was said to look upon the downstairs.
When I took a few steps in almost ten to fifteen steps, I reached the stairs which lead to 1st floor and also the stairs were on the right side. Below the stairs, there was a storeroom. The door to lead to storeroom was locked. I need to find the key. I just turned left and walked towards the kitchen, it was so dirty there. Full of dry leaves covered in the sink and as well as in the floor because the back door was open all along. I walked straight to the back door which was in the right side corner of the kitchen and tried to close the door but it didn’t work. The door was jammed, need oil to lose it. I left it as it was. I searched for the storeroom key in the kitchen but nothing useful got. When I exited the kitchen, right next to it there was a room. I tried to open the door and hopefully, it was open. I sighed and got inside. It was a small room, having a medium sized bed to the corner of the room, a wooden wardrobe which even had a long mirror attached to it which was next to a study table along with a study lamp. There was also a small window but it was blocked by some woods. I saw the study table it was nice and the wardrobe, inside it there was a small necklace with a dollar. The dollar was in pure black, I love black. So, it was no surprise that the next second I saw the necklace it attracted me. And I took it along with me.
I just returned to the stairs, still no sign of Fran. Is he asleep or what? I thought and glanced over the hall and there under a portrait, something shined brightly. I rushed over it and saw a key hanging under that portrait. The portrait was about an evil which wins over the good ones. I just rubbed my hair as I didn’t get the full information about the portrait. And so, I ended up opening the storeroom. I opened the door and it was dark inside. There was stink coming over from the storeroom, so I quickly closed the door and locked it. And put the key in my bag along with the necklace.
I once again checked the stairs, again no sign of Fran. So, I climbed upstairs. When I kept the first step on the stairs, there was a loud noise from a room which was in the left side in the upstairs, also the noise was made by Fran, I knew his voice very clearly. I ran towards the room and saw him shivering so badly. I calmed him down and then he said there was something inside that wardrobe which was in the right side of that room. I said it’ll be alright but he repeatedly kept on saying that there was something inside in it. So to cool him off I opened the wardrobe, Fran was just back at the door of the wardrobe when I opened. There was nothing else but some untidy clothes. When I closed the door, Fran wasn’t there. I was shocked to see it. There was a window in the middle of the left side of the room. The window wasn’t broke, the way to open it was from downwards to upwards. There must be some rubber or wood attached to the downwards of the window but there wasn’t. Also slightly it was so sharp that it would bleed me off easily if I touch it.
Suddenly, it was suffocating for me to breathe in the room when I tried to reach out of the room. The door slammed harshly by itself. Now it’s more suffocating. I came to remember about the window, I just put my handbag down and opened the window but didn’t let out of my hand, I kept on holding on it. I can feel the fresh air. It’s so nice.
Someone kept a hand over my shoulder which made startle and left the window out of my hands and let it smash in my hand. Those small pieces of glass made me suffer and feel the pain so vainly. When I turned around to see who it was, it was my Fran. He was shocked to see this. He helped me to get rid of those glasses and scolded me but I said that he had only yelled and I came up to see what it was. He gave me a reaction like ‘No, I didn’t’ and then said that he didn’t and ended the conversation by saying that it must be my imagination. Then when we tried to go the hospital for treatment to my hand, that’s when we noticed that we’re trapped in the neighbourhood. We can’t leave the place. With a pain, we once again came home which was in the neighbourhood of Area 153 and got first aid kit.
That night, Fran was working at the shed which is situated in the backside of our home, for our rescue through sending messages to anyone via computer. While I was about to sleep, I remembered that my bag is still in there, that mansion. I just thought of going over there tomorrow but it won’t happen ‘cos Fran will never let me go again to that mansion, so I have no other choice than to go now.
I ended up at the entrance door of the mansion, I took along a torch. Using that I found my bag in the first floor and took and ran away from that mansion as fast as I could. At last, I had reached home before Fran showed up. I ran through my bag and saw the extra one thing which I didn’t put in. It was a book, it had written in the back two years.
I read that book, the very next morning after refreshing and Fran gone to shed to work. The book was written by a girl, a teenage girl almost around 18 years old. Her name was ‘Coral’. It’s a diary of hers. I hesitated one moment before reading it because it was someone’s whom I never knew. But also at the same time, I was so damn curious. So, I started to read it:
“Hey, there! I’m Coral Laden, 18 years old when I wrote this diary. Also, I bet that I must have been dead since my diary is in someone stranger’s hand.”
When I read those lines, slightly I smirked because nowadays kids know how to startle old ones. When I turned over the page, I saw her photo, which reminded me of the newspaper. I saw the same photo in the newspaper, so…she’s really dead. Now I got goosebumps, slightly.
I kept on going, it was interesting and scary and as well as I eager to know why she was dead.
“…Don’t fear. I know it must have been like years since from I’m dead. Now enough of my intro. I’ll let you know what happened to me.”
While reading there was a sound like ‘thud’. I was frightened by it and then when I checked it up, it was Fran working. I relaxed and then again started to read it:
“Now, While I was in high school, I was slightly known by everyone I ain’t that much popular. Once we had a new transferred girl. She was gloomy and suspicious. Her name was Marly Tustin.
Oh! forgot to mention that I love to stalk people and get information or secrets about them.
So, as you know I did follow her and found some nasty things which I couldn’t share with anyone. If I do, I’ll be in big trouble. I don’t wanna get into a problem, I have enough problems right now. I never told anyone about the things I found of her’s and gradually I left free about those things and tried to forget but whenever I see her I remember it. I can’t get it out of my mind.
And the most horrible thing of all is that my friends made her join our group. I hated it. I was terrified of her. But slowly I started to think about her in a positive way rather than what I saw maybe a lie or imagination…or is it really? Every time I used to think about these things.
Then one day she invited us, I and my friends, to her home. We all went together, enjoyed and happily we’re about to go to our own house. But Marly stopped me and let others go. She said that she had something to show me. I was curious. She took me to her storeroom. But once she turned on the switch, I was doomed. I knew I was right all along. It wasn’t my imagination. All along I knew this would happen if I get in her, it’s dangerous to be with her. I thought this might be the last day I’m breathing but… it went silent and suddenly, the switch was off. I gulped and turned around facing the door, where Marly stood and said in a low voice which will be able to be heard by me only. She said:
“You… you have trespassed. You know what the punishment here is if you trespass. Nothing serious just you’ll be the one who is going to be another thing like them. Got it. You’ll get what you deserve, soon”
She closed the door and locked it, after saying those things. The thing I saw in here and as well the thing which is nearly me is some people’s body chopped into pieces and covered up in a plastic bag and hung up. It was the thing I came to know about her before, by following and got in while she wasn’t there. I also took pictures but I was afraid to show this to anyone. But now I knew for sure that she’s a real psycho.
I was locked up here down for almost many hours but not a day haven’t over yet. I think over and over to escape from here. And then I got a small tiny idea, I don’t know whether it’ll work out but I’ll try at least. It was an idea like when Marly goes out, I’ll just try to pick the lock using my hairpin. Or I’ll shout as loud as I could for help. Or I should fight her with all my strength. Or I should let myself back and die.
I took my hairpin and tried and it worked out. The door is open now, I rushed outside as fast as I could but I was spotted by her, she was outside in her garden all along. She smirked at me rather than chasing over me, as I ran. I don’t understand her.
Once I reached home, I started to threaten her with my proof of her killing people. She didn’t even respect me, she just ignored. She seemed like cool free, don’t care about it.
But I did, I cared a lot about it.
Every time I thought that I had her in my hands but I wasn’t, she was the one who had me in her hands, that’s why she smirked at me that time. She knew that I would try to escape. She knew I knew about her. She knew that I would be deathly afraid of her now. She also knew that for feeling safe inside by covering up the reality I threatened her. This is the worst things I have done ever. I regret that I saw it, I followed her, I regret that I saw her in first of all. I never thought that I would be so foolish. It’s very stupid of me.
And then one day I was trapped by her black magic, all alone. And while I was trapped I wrote this diary. She even said me that she couldn’t get a nice sleep since I found about her ‘cos she was also afraid of me, she was stressed out by not being able to kill anyone and then only she became a fanatic, crazy and as a hell psycho. She chose the black magic. She added that she was taught about black magic by her beloved, she was adopted by him or her.
When I asked who it was, she became silent and said nothing but just stared at me with those angry eyes. She doesn’t like to tell about him or her to anyone, I think so.
At last, this diary has come to an end as well as my life.”
I, Chia, was shocked to hear this. I became to tremble as I thought about the mansion. When I lifted up the book, one small piece of paper fell down from it. It was the same handwriting as Coral’s, she had written in it:
“Marly still lives. She never leaves her home. Her beloved home. She is a fanatic, don’t get too close to her. She doesn’t use the black magic after she caught me, ‘cos it caught her. She’s in their hand, even though she doesn’t anyone live in peace. She may want you dead too, be careful”
I closed my eyes and started to think about the thing why we’re not able to go apart from this Area 153, it’s ‘cos we’re trapped in Marly’s black magic or those devils want us dead. And maybe we are her next aim. I was shaking now, I was afraid now about those black magic which once was loved by me very much. It’s nothing like some game or a simple thing. It’s real, reality. I cried without a sound or mourn because I don’t wanna disturb Fran.
Then after few minutes, I gathered up myself and cleared my eyes. Cleared up my mess and was about to start a new thing. I won’t make a mistake. Need to face up those things and get out as fast as we could. And so then only we can live in peace.
I just locked the home with Fran inside. I want him safe and sound. I just took the book along with me and as well as a sharp small daggers with me, I kept those in my pant.
I reached the mansion, it looked so lovely though it was so not nice inside having a killer.
I opened the door and walked a small distance from the door. And then the door slammed forcefully automatically. I stared at the door for a few seconds, after that I heard a voice. A sweet voice, I loved it. It was calming me. But unfortunately, when I saw the stairs where the voice came from, I was shocked to see. A gorgeous girl who is almost looked about 20 or 21 years old. And I had figured out that she is the one I’m looking for. Because she said so:
“Oh! You’re here with that book of her’s. A nice story right? I actually kinda hated it ‘cos she used me in that as a bad guy. But in reality, she’s the one ‘cos she was the one who kept on bugging into other’s business. I was only doing my hobby, you know the thing I love”
I didn’t answer her but just gazed at her. She was hell damn beautiful but why did she end up like this? Is it because of the one who adopted her from the orphanage? I don’t know anything about her but I feel pity and slightly care for her.
She was beginning to lose her temper. I just waited for the right moment. And then, when she felt bored she let her eyes off. That’s the second, I rushed over her and tried to stab her using the dagger but she didn’t leave her guard. Her guard was up, so she dodged it. She glared at me. And the very next second, she grabbed my hand, the one which is used to handle the dagger. She tightly held onto it and forced me to face the dagger at my throat itself. As she did, slightly I was hurt. She said:
I smiled at her and said:
As I took the other dagger from my other hand. And stabbed at her. She began to bleed right away. I pushed her away from me.
Suddenly from where the hell did she got all the energy, don’t know but she used all her might. She also had a knife, she stabbed at me when I wasn’t guarded up. We each stabbed at each other. And now lie down.
I thought it’s the last day of my life. I did a nice job. Now everyone can visit this lovely Area 153. All I need now is want to sleep. So, Fran, I’ll go for now and return to you, if possible. I looked at Marly, she lost her life. She was dead already. And it’s time for me now, I thought as I closed my eyes peacefully.
It went blank, after that. But someone was repeatedly calling over my name. It’s Fran’s voice…. Wait… what?! Fran? How? Did he too die?
It can’t be, I just tried to open my eyes. When I opened them, I saw myself wearing a hospital gown in the hospital. Near me was Fran. He smiled at me as I did at him.
Yep! Fran saved me at the very last minute when I was to lose my life. He did break the door of our house.
Now we can live happily without any problems, that is what I thought but when I heard the same very own voice of Marly, I got shocked. When I slid myself over the place from where the voice came, there I saw an old woman. A total stranger. I sighed and was feeling relieved. When I turned I saw Fran having a conversation with a woman who was covered all over. Once they finished, I approached him and asked him who was it. When he was about to say, the same woman appeared and came right over to us. I couldn’t recognise her, she was covered up all the over. They talked for some time and then Fran introduced me to her and then he introduced her to me as:
“She’s the girl who was there with you in the mansion. Her name is Marly Tustin”
I gulped as she smirked at me and I thought
‘Not Again!’



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