I tried
Shouting, winning, 
Bringing into the little cupboard
Trophy after trophy
I tried
Feeling her face for that moment
Looking out as young children 
For drops of rain and squirrels…
But she was never surprised
She said she knew
And it was nothing new
Like everything else
She said
“You are more mature than to be wanting
That childish pat on the back!”
But you know how much children love surprises
Giving surprises
And perhaps I was a child too
Away from her cradle 
But feeling abandoned.
After all, there is no other true home
But some things are pretended for a reason
And she ought to have known
Or is it too easily forgotten…
I too am a child
Her child
Or would I ever be one?


About the poet:
Anusha Sreekant is an author-poet based in Chennai and a student at Madras Christian College. She has been writing since she was nine years young. Her first book, “The Drunkard” was published in 2014 while she was in class 10. It was republished on the online publishing platform Launchora upon readers’ request. Her second book and first poetry collection, “Love, Lunacy and Other Voices from the Night” was brought out by Delhi-based Blue Rose Publishers in August 2017. She adopted her pseudonym for her last book in honour of her late mentor, Mary Nell Portero. She writes across three languages, English, Hindi and, Malayalam, and is much attached to Urdu poetry as well. Her favourite writer at the moment is Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and she associates a lot with the poetry of Sylvia Plath and Kamala Das.