Once upon a time, there was a prince who loved to read fairy tales. He wanted an adventure and went in search of a damsel in distress.

~Listen to me while you read?~

One summer day, an old lady told him about a princess who was cursed to sleep for eternity. The prince galloped through the forest and came to a halt when a little girl gestured for him to stop.

“Can you drop me home, prince?” She smiled at him.

“Come on.” He lifted her onto the horse and wrinkled his nose at the smell.

“I stink. I helped granny bury the wolf we killed.” She replied casually folding her red cape.

The prince stared at her. “You killed a wolf?”

She nodded. “One hit on the head.”

Impressed, he told her his plan to wake up a princess by kissing her.

She frowned. “It’s bad manners to kiss someone without their permission.”

The prince sighed. He knew she was right. But, he wanted a fairytale story for himself.

“Let’s go to the beanstalk then. You can defeat the giant who lives in the clouds.” The girl suggested.

They raced over the vast land to reach the center of a flower valley. Tying the horse to an oak tree, he climbed up the stalk with the girl leading the way. Heaving from exertion, they wiped the sweat of their faces with the fluffy clouds.

“Shh…” The girl pressed a finger to her lips.

They crept into a marvelous castle made of stardust. The girl took him through the winding staircase to reach a tower room. The prince was stunned to see the most beautiful female waiting for them.

“What took you so long? We don’t have time to waste. The witch will return soon.” She asked hands on her hips.

“Witch? What happened to the giant?” The prince looked bewildered.

The princess grimaced plaiting her long hair. “I dealt with him. I couldn’t kill the witch because she flew away after cursing me that I cannot escape without a prince.”

“I’ll slay her for you.” The prince announced pulling out his glittering sword.

The little girl rolled her eyes. Before the princess could reply, shrill laughter echoed outside the window.

“The Wicked Witch of the West! She’s back. We have to get out of here. Now.” The princess hissed. The trio ran out of the castle tripping over their feet.

The witch was furious to see them escape. She threw her broom to stop them. “You cannot run away.”

The prince lunged and killed her in an instant. Her shriek crumbled the castle. The stars flew away in relief. But, the beanstalk vanished. The witch destroyed it beforehand.

“We’ll use my hair.” The princess said.

The prince and the little girl climbed down and held the red cape for the princess to jump.

Tapping her red shoes thrice, the little girl vanished as the prince tried to convince the princess to marry him. She was hungry and late for supper.


Audio Credits:
Rainforest taken from Earth section ( by Vanraj Bhatia) of The Elements.

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Srivalli Rekha is a blogger, writer, nature lover, passionate cook, an amateur photographer who cannot live without reading books and good music.