The fire behind them crackled as Kate finally gave up her cold war with David observing his calm demeanor as darkness since the Sunset.

“What if we are stuck on this island for life?” Kate finally managed to start a proper conversation with him. Lying on her back, nonchalantly, she turned towards him, “What if this is our home now?”

As bioluminescent waves crawled up to their feet, David looked up at the luminous Northern Lights and almost in a whisper, replied, “I don’t mind as long as I could see the moon.”

Despite the sudden gust of wind, his words found their way into her ears to echo for a long time. David smiled, feeling her eyes on him as she anticipated for him to talk a little more.

“What does the Moon mean for you, Kate?” he asked, his eyes now fixated on the radiant Moon.

Settling herself more comfortably in the heavenly sand, Kate gazed at the moon and said, “Poetry.”
“What is it for you?” she added.

David sighed and slowly flipped over, resting his stubble shrouded chin on his entwined hands, and said under his breath, “Her.”

“What happened to her?” Kate flipped over and rested flat on her stomach, parallel to David.

David smiled, his gaze on the gloomy forest overlooking a few yards of unruffled coarse sand that stretched in abundance all around them. “She tried to read me and I let her.”

With time, the temperature was falling down. “Were there any pages she shouldn’t have read?” Kate asked as she got up to her feet to add some more wood to the fire.

Far off the shore, deep inside the forest, an owl started hooting. Ignoring the repeated hoots, David said, “Just one.”

“I am sure I can keep up, Mr. David.” Kate grinned as she came back to sit, a little closer to him this time.

The crickets chirping, magpies screeching and the weary winds that faintly ruffled the heads of the giant redwood trees, the dark forest behind them produced a nightmarish atmosphere.

“I fell in love with her and that’s the one thing she didn’t want.”

“What a shame! What kind of woman would choose anything over love?” Kate’s reflex was unexpected.

“A woman who’s just met a stranger not even half a day ago, in an abandoned island, who refers to her as the moon?” David declared unashamed.

It took Kate a brief moment to realize what he was talking about.

“You sound so sure about her and her reading skills.” Kate offered, relishing the seed of ecstasy growing within her.

“I wonder if she even tried reading you.”

“You think she didn’t?” David knew she hadn’t.

With that Kate turned towards him, looking into his deep blue eyes and whispered, “Guess we have to get out of here first to find that out.”

“I don’t really wanna go home now, Miss Kate,” David complained.

“But don’t you wanna find out, Mr. David?” she said as the Moon shimmered above.


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