‘Fire, we have to get out of here’.  I thought Lila was pulling a prank on me, but, then, I saw her gasping, her hands shook tremendously…

‘Where is our Baby?’ I asked, a knot of fear roiling through my spine. I heard her making a quick disgusting snort. I saw fumes of anger emanating from her. I regretted phrasing, our Baby, I should’ve said, my Baby. I didn’t want to burn myself out, of her anger, so I rushed to the living room, into the real fire. I pushed myself forward through the smoke and fire. I felt a crawly sensation on my skin, the pain was radiating down my arms. I didn’t stop, though. I was determined to push through the pain and somehow I managed to enter my room.  

The bed was already in flames, the rest of the room, except the floor was blazing. I looked around, but I didn’t find my Baby. I ran to the closet.  As I guessed, he was hiding under my clothes. He jumped upon my hands and started screaming like a maniac. I took a blanket out and draped around his torso. Since the door I came in became bright flames, I searched for another way out. I’d freeze for a while in a panic. I thought I was going to die. Luckily, a group-wearing mask and suite came in. They hacked the window grill and helped me out of the fire.

I stood outside, watching my house burning to ash.

How’d this happen? Perhaps, the paint bucket that I brought yesterday, must’ve caught fire. But, what ignited it?

My right arm burned mildly, I examined Baby’s temples carefully, and his black hair burned a bit, but his pink skin was unharmed.

Lila came to me, hugged me, and she cried on my shoulder, before saying, ‘I’m tired of you stoner’.

I saw a grumpy officer coming to us, ‘Do you have any Idea how this happened’  

A part of me wanted to shout at him and say, this is not the right time…

But it was Lila pointed her figure at me and said, ‘See what is on your Baby’s hand’. That was when I noticed my Joint and a lighter wrapped around his figures.

The other day, when he’d mimicked me and lighted a fire, on the tip of a Joint, I didn’t say anything, instead, I captured the memories in my camera and posted it on my YouTube channel. Many millions liked it, I was glad. Then, I didn’t imagine one day the same flames would burn my house.

‘Is that a Chimp?’ Officer yelled.  

‘His name’s Baby’, I told him. I hate it when someone calls him a Chimp.  

‘Whatever! This type is on the verge of extinction, you should hand over this to the A.R.T’.

‘Anyway, now I am forever homeless, is going with him, into the woodland. I wanted to do-over my life in a real home’.


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