“We should have listened to mum”, Amy said with a sigh.

“YOU are the one who sneaked out”, Eva said angrily. “I followed you so that you don’t get into trouble and now because of YOU both of us are stuck in this wilderness. Mum keeps saying how restless you are and she should consult that man who pricks us with some sharp thing every time we go. This is all YOUR doing.”

Amy looked at her sister and retorted with a smirk, “Eva for god’s sake stop complaining. You have double standards. when mum is around you behave like such a miss two goody shoes but I know what you do when she is away. The other night you sneaked out to get cozy with Thor. Thor didn’t even give you a second look.” Eva sheepishly said, “yes, I have a crush on Thor. I just love his golden-brown hair.”

“Mum and Dad got us here for a picnic and now we are lost and tired and so hungry”, Eva muttered.

It grew dark and there was an ominous growl. Eva and Amy’s ears went up and both of them started sniffing vigorously to smell if there was some danger. “Amy come here, I smell danger. Let’s quietly hide underneath the rock.”

They missed their warm bed and the yummy food that mum gave them after a good run. And, the day they behaved well they got a treat too.

“Oh Eva! I am so sorry. What if we never find our way out”, Amy’s eyes welled up. “I know I have been stupid but we need to figure out something soon. We have to get out of here.”

“Don’t worry we will”, Eva licked Amy to console her but even she was not sure how they will get out of these woods.

Amy slept but Eva couldn’t. She remembered the day mum and dad came to adopt her. Eva was the chosen one. They wanted only one of them. But Amy wouldn’t leave them because she couldn’t bear the thought of being without Eva. Ever since they were born they had been together. Mum held Eva in her arms but couldn’t take her eyes off Amy who was circling around them. Mum has some magical way of knowing how to set things right. And she decided to adopt both of them. Her motherly instinct knew they couldn’t live without each other.

“Amy! I hear a noise. Let’s get ready to attack. Look confident and growl. Thor said that’s the secret of warding the enemy off.”

Both of them growled and barked as menacingly as they could in their puppy voices.

Suddenly they heard a familiar faint voice,” AMYYYYYYYY, EVAAAAAA.” Their senses smelt the unmistakable, warm, loving smell of Mum.

They bounded and jumped into the arms of Mum who was crying and yelling at them at the same time.

Sometimes these humans just don’t make sense, they thought to themselves as they wrapped their paws around Mum.





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