In Atlantis there are nine pretty mermaids
Every night they gather to cry
There’s a temple with a hundred candles
That flicker for thousands who die
There’s a book of all their sorrows
It is placed on the altar of blame

Mermaid waltz, mermaid waltz
The mermaids dance in their name
To each and every sailor
Who dies away at sea
These mermaids perform the last rites
To set his troubled soul free
The cast away corpse sinks slowly
Like a cry filled with flotsam and sand

Mermaid waltz, mermaid waltz
These mermaids take him in hand
There’s a concert hall under the ocean
Where the orchestra strikes up a tune
A Viennese waltz is playing
Silver light of a watery moon
The mermaids are singing in chorus
With a garland of freshly cut tears

Mermaid waltz, mermaid waltz
Requiem over the years
The souls float first to Poseidon
Before He sets them free
Of tens of hundreds of sailors
Who lost their lives at sea
He joins the dance with the mermaids
Wearing a whirlpool’s disguise

Mermaid waltz, mermaid waltz
The light of death in His eyes
So if you ever go down slowly
Twenty thousand leagues undersea
You will find long lost Atlantis
And myriad souls set free
You will see the mermaids dancing
Tails swish to a rhythm divine

Mermaid waltz, mermaid waltz
A Dance of Death so sublime…

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