It was quiet on the night watch

And the time was passing slow,

The old helmsman turned around

To ask the young fellow

“Son, please tell me something

That I’d really like to know…


Have you really loved somebody

Loved her till it hurt?

Burning with the feeling that

Only Death could do you part?

Loved her with a passion

With every beat of your heart?


Have you written a love letter

Like it’s the last one you’d write?

Poured out your feelings

Till the dawn brought the light?

Has your heart ached with longing

From morning till night?”


The young officer looked puzzled

Wondered what brought this on

Well, I did love someone”,he said

But then she gone

Got a new hottie on Facebook

‘Liked’ her post this morn


I chat with her on GMail

Got her on Viber too

When I ask her,’Wassup’

She replies, ‘Nothin’,dude’

She sends me her selfies

On WhatsApp in the nude!


Who needs love letters, man

I got Tinder on my phone

Can make friends on

Social networking zone

Follow them on Twitter

And ‘mwah’ them all night long!”


The old man sighed, shook his head

Hadn’t understood a word

Went out to the bridge wing

Not sure what he had heard

Surely the young generation could

Not be this absurd!


“Is that your idea of romance, son?”

He returned inside to say,

“Is this the way to show her

You want her every single day?

You need to express your love for her

In a more romantic way!”


Nah! No time for letters, old man

They take too damn long

Would rather send her a YouTube clip

Each day a different song

See her on Skype when I’m in bed

And we both sing along!”


The old man looked disappointed

“Is this what it’s going to be?

Is this your bloody idea of

Romance today at sea?

What happened to letters’n’poems carrying

Words that set you free?


Come on, son, don’t give up

I’ve seen you dreamy eyed

I’m sure you’ve had those feelings

That made you tongue tied

You know what completes a man?

His passions bona fide!”


No, Daddy-o, you got it wrong,

Her words speak to me


Connect us instantly

I see a kindred spirit in her

She’s a romantic like me!


My laptop screen is magical

I gently touch her name

On the warm screen in front of me

Perhaps she does the same

She blows a kiss at me on Skype

Yo, that drives me insane!


One day I’ll hold her in my arms

Our first meeting is due

Till then I’m gonna keep her

Locked away in ICQ

So don’t worry, I’m fine

Need no advice from you!”


The old seaman was flabbergasted

Shook his head and walked away

A girl in every virtual port!

He didn’t know what to say

Wedding bells in cyber churches!

“Hmmph… romance at sea today!”

Thanks for reading.

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