Events Five00-2 Short Stories

The Last Message

“We have to get out of here.” This was the final transmission they received from the Expedition team. After that, the communication channels were engulfed by static and silence.

They had parked their spaceship in the Orion-Cygnus arm of the Milky Way. On a mission to explore the galaxy, two of the five mission members had proceeded to the solar system, to investigate its planets. The expedition team was on Earth at the time of their last broadcast.

Troubled by the sudden termination of contact, an extraction party was sent. They found no trace of the disappeared members but were able to locate one of the survey cameras. Back in the spaceship, the remaining members attempted to put together the truth of their vanishing, from the images and clips found in the retrieved camera. What it revealed utterly shocked them.

A message was immediately relayed to their base at Dwingeloo, home of the galactic explorers. A brief summary of the camera findings was also circulated.

“We have decided to cancel this mission to the solar system. Two of our comrades have perished under the most horrifying circumstances.

“The planet Earth is beautiful, much like many of our own habitable worlds. Full of fresh water and abundant life forms, this place appears hospitable and inviting from a distance. But unfortunately, as our dead comrades found out, it is an exceptionally terrifying place.

“It appears that Zeta & Psi were seized and taken prisoners by a certain life form, that spawns in large numbers on the planet. Unlike other organisms, this creature is malicious and unfriendly, is highly intransigent, and suffers from paranoia and egomania to a degree not found in any other entity in the universe.

“It was the grave misfortune of Zeta & Psi to have encountered this pernicious and xenophobic creature. Our comrades were captured by a horde of these aggressive beings, who call themselves humans. They were then chained and transported behind iron bars to a massive building in a secluded area. The hostile humans then proceeded to inject Zeta & Psi with various substances. All attempts at communion by our comrades were either ignored or severely rebuked.

“After having obtained many readings from the bodies of Zeta & Psi with numerous instruments, the depraved humans began to dissect our comrades. By now Zeta & Psi had given up all attempts at either communication or remonstration.

“Sometime in the middle of that loathsome procedure, our friends must have expired and departed from life. At the end of that atrocious exercise, the internal organs of our dead comrades were enclosed in labeled jars, their bodies sewn up and shifted to a giant freezer.

“The above events surmised from the recovered camera have made us abort our mission. We shall leave. Furthermore, we have agreed to place an interstellar warning for any future explorer who might stumble on this planet.”

[[ Earth – Home to a menacing organism. Exploration strongly discouraged. ]]

And then the spaceship left the Milky Way.