It was supposed to be smooth,
It was supposed to be strong,
It was supposed to be gentle,
It was supposed to be long.
But wait!
It’s not as you think!
It was not the kiss that had died,
It was the words that had died.
The same words,
That had woven the wool of friendship.
Were these mere cluster of words,
To take the form of a promise?
Or were these memories,
That one only makes to miss?
Friendship never ends,
We heard that right,
Because it lives in someone’s heart,
And in someone’s memories,
All day and night.
It ends in the hearts of others,
Who probably didn’t care about the bond,
Yes, it’s pure emotions,
Whose existence is nothing more than like a drop in the pond.
Friendship only matters to those,
For whom the friend matters a lot,
And for the rest,
It’s only making a person as a friend,
Who can add to their shine a lot.
It is not the friendship that fades,
The one which had so many shades,
That, which one finds difficult to mend,
It is not the friendship, it is actually the need of a friend that ends.
It is between those unexpressed feelings and unspoken words,
That the friendship in someone’s life, LIVES in PEACE,
Be it just exists in pieces,
But it is through the memories of those good days,
That the friendship in them, really lives with peace.
And in others life?
It has just RESTED in PEACE.
It is true that friendship can never die,
It is also true that it cannot be revived,
But at the same time, it is also the truth that,
The same Friendship can be relived,
With all the shades of happy and sad moments,
In the hearts of those,
Who never wish to see their friends go away.
And so,
It is in their hearts,
That the friendship “LIP”, LIVES in PEACE,
Whereas in others,
Where the bond has died,
The friendship, only “RIP”, Rests in Peace.


Thanks for reading.

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