The tiny plant gazed at the sky,
dark and full, it was ready to burst,
the clouds showered their love,
and the rain drops kissed the grass.

On the carpet of grass,
stood a taller stem,
with eight leaves and two fruits,
the tiny plant gazed at the sky.

Up and high above the land,
as far as eye could see,
the sky loomed threatening,
dark and full, it was ready to burst.

Bless me with rain.
the plant asked,
as the grass chorused, and
the clouds showered their love.

The sky opened its gates,
as the rain rushed below,
tickling and teasing the plant,
and the raindrops kissed the grass. 

Note: The poem is written in Cascade style.


This poem is inspired by the below painiting by artist Mrs. Ratna Pochiraju.



Srivalli Rekha

Written by Srivalli Rekha

Srivalli Rekha is a blogger, writer, nature lover, passionate cook, an amateur photographer who cannot live without reading books and good music. Her stories are featured in Sweek Flash Fiction Book(2018), Tales From the Cliff Anthology (2018) and 72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games Volume IV (2018).