I have always wanted to work at the airport. I admired that place from my childhood days. And I got work where I had admired and it’s all because of one person whom I loved once.

Welcome to my story. A story which talks about my admiration for my work and as well as my love life which happened during high school days. Well, then let’s move into the words that have been told so far about my life…

I’m Zera. When I was almost 9 years old, I had visited the airport for the first time ever. It was so big and marvellous. I loved it. Actually, fell in love with that place at first sight itself. After that, I started to collect names and where and all the airports are situated. Every time anyone of my surrounding says about to go to the airport, I would rush to them and let them know that “I’m coming too” with a frantic expression. They’ll laugh at first but then gradually would allow me to accompany them. And that’s me, how I’m.

While I was in high school, I couldn’t make up the time to explore or get info about the airport. I was being stressed out by the studies but that’s how it goes while you’re in high school just for getting a good and best status of work to let know the surroundings of yours that you’re way better than anyone. But that’s what my family wants. Yes, my family wants the best status and work and everything to let know their family or neighbours that their daughter is well versed than anyone. Yuck! I don’t like that. Though gotta do one’s parents wish.

So, I started to read and read and read.

I got more marks and stood out in my whole school. And then one day while I was in the library, standing in a corner as I was reading an interesting book. Someone wantedly came over me and hit me harshly which made me fell down on them. It was none other but my classmate. His name is Clint. He is super popular with girls. He is cute, lovely and adorable. As well as he is well versed in studies and playing too, and there were some rumours that he was interested in me but I wasn’t in him as well as I didn’t believe in that rumours. At that time, I just didn’t waste a minute rather I got up quickly and said sorry to him and left.

That day he helped me with carrying some notes to be submitted to the staffroom. On the way, he said as he smirked and looked at me,

“I never saw any girl who would just say sorry and leave that fast, even if they hit a hot boy like me”

I was pissed off. And so I said,

“Oh! please. Don’t talk too much about yourself. You are nothing to me”

And left him again in the hallway.

From that next day onwards some rumours started to spread out about him. I heard girls gossip while I was checking out the board, they were right behind me. They said it out loud in a harsh voice, actually, they were angry. They were talking about the rumours. One of them was the most popular girl in our school her name is Laura, she said,

“You know what! I’m so damn pissed off. The hell, who is she? How can she be the best match if I ain’t? Huh? Say, guys…”

“Yeah, yeah,” They all said in a chorus.

Now only I came to know that Clint is really in love with Zera, yeah that’s me. Then on that day evening, it was raining heavily. I forgot once again to bring up the umbrella I thought but when I remembered that I had bought it today morning. I searched over the classroom for my umbrella but there wasn’t.

“Are you searching for this?”

Someone whispered in my ears which made me yell but he shut my mouth. And said to shut up. I was surprised to see him, Clint. I asked him,

“Why do you have that?”

“Oh! Now you’re curious. Okay then, let me explain… I wanted to talk to you but I knew that you would deny it for sure. So, I thought of taking something which will make yah come over and have a chit-chat with me”

He smiled at me.

I don’t understand him. What’s the matter with him? I just ignored everything he said and lend my hand over him and asked,


He was clueless. “Huh?”

I didn’t repeat myself rather someone barged into and said,

“She means that she wanna talk with you too”

As I turned over the side where the girl stood and found there standing my bestie, Sia. She knew all about me. So, this means she wants me to get a date myself. But I felt like ‘Hell, No if it’s with him’.

But then once again I felt like a loser. I can’t bring myself to deny against my bestie. I came up to the party they talked about, my bestie and him. It’s a party kept by him, Clint. When I reached, I have never thought that this guy is hella luxurious. The party went smooth.

But there’s something that I hid from everyone but not my bestie. She knows it now.

That is I fell for him, Clint at first sight. He was so gentle and handsome. The way he reached everyone in a gentle way and respected everyone made me fall over him. Oh! this is what girls talk about, guess I’m now one of them too.

From that day after, I started to see him. He didn’t feel the same way as me, I knew that but I kept him as my friend and hid my feelings. Days passed, we grew. We started to attend colleges. We started to hang out more.

They say everything which we hide will somehow someday break out. And it happens to be true. He found out. Not through by me but my bestie, Sia. She couldn’t see me in such pain, I knew that I shouldn’t have said her.

But once after saying it out loud, we’ll feel like as a heavy lift has been lifted up from you, they say. And it’s true. I started to wander freely. And for some days Clint avoided me.

Then, at last, he said he wanna meet up. We met up at a cafe shop. He proposed to me. I agreed. We started to date. We loved each other.

They say you’ll face many problems when you’re in love and yes, it’s absolutely true.

My parents found out about our relationship. They were against it. But we didn’t give up. We tried our best until the last day we had.

Our very last date went out like this,

At morning we shopped and then ate lunch and then gone to a movie and then to museums and to the amusement park and then, at last, we ate dinner.

That night I said bye to him and kept some few steps away from him but he came all the way over to me and hugged me tightly and said to be with him for tonight alone but I said that my parents won’t allow. He said that he’ll take care of that. But I really wanted to head over home and get refreshed but he didn’t leave me.

So, I ended up being with him. We just slept together tightly hugging each other but nothing wrong happened.

The next day was the last day which was the day when I went away from him or took away from him. I hated it so much. So did I was mad at my parents. But slowly everything went normally. Everything went again to their day to day normal situations. But I wasn’t normal, I just acted normal. I had his number and so did he, so chat and chat for hours.

And then it was time to get a job for me. While I was roaming around as I was watching my phone, I saw the airport picture in Instagram which caught my eyes. My drowsy eyes and swollen eyes started to gather up its energy and once again it became beautiful.

It’s time for hunting to get my love, I thought. I came through so many hard works and times to get my lovely work but couldn’t reach it that fastly. Gradually I began to lose hope. And started to mumble towards Clint. He said that he was worried about me but I said not to.

Once he texted me that he wanted to see me. I said it’s not possible. But then I got his message as ‘Come out of your house. I’m standing right outside of your home. Let’s have a night walk’ at almost 10pm everyone must have slept. So, I planned to sneak out.

When I saw him outside, I knew that I urged to meet him, hold him tightly in my arms. I love him so much, I need him. I just can’t let him go. This love I have towards him is ceaseless. I fall in love over and over towards him. I just slowly walked towards him and touched his hands. I got my eyes on his eyes as he did, our eyes were locked. I just smiled at him and him too. He gently hugged me.

The second we hugged I felt like I’m living. I hugged him tightly. The feelings we have is mutual. And that’s just enough for me right now. I don’t wanna pressure him anymore.

He pulled away and said,

“Shall we have a walk?”

I smiled and as said,

“Of course”

We just walked a half kilometre away from my home which led us to a park. We didn’t talk while we’re walking, we just held our hands tightly, so that this time we won’t be parted away.

When we reached the park, he said,

“You need to regain your hopes. I knew how much you admired the airport. I actually have seen it, your admires as funny and humiliated you. But now I came to know how much worth it and how beautiful it is. I knew how you admired it as but not only as your favourite place alone. So, what I’m telling yah is seek and seek until you reach your aim”

I was amazed. I said with a smiley face,

“Of course. I won’t let your beliefs down”

He smiled but slowly it fainted. We just chatted and then he left me at my home.

While we’re saying bye each other he smiled but gradually it fainted. I didn’t know why. It bothered me and I worried about it. So, when I tried to ask him away, he said,

“I think this… what I’m gonna tell may hurt you but its better for both of us. I think… we gotta move on. We should part away. Your parents nor my parents either gonna give blessings to our love. So, then why should we… I mean I think we shouldn’t make worry our parents”

It was hella awkward silence. I didn’t know what to say to such words and that too hearing from him. I stayed silent. He broke off the silence,

“Zera… Let’s Break Up”

I didn’t even give a second thought about it and said, “Yes”

I smiled at him as he looked as he was confused by my expression. And left from there.

I tore up everything that he had bought for me. I screamed I cried, I moaned, I felt uneasy, uncomfortable and lonely and hated. But when I was with him I felt only happiness, enjoyed, excited and loved.

I lost my mind in him but I have to gather up myself from him. So, then I gradually went back to my normal like I was before I saw him.

Now everything changed into normal, even me too. This life so nice than that complicated life when I had happiness but shouldn’t let know about that to anyone. It was secret. And it remained secret forever and ever and now those feelings were buried and left alone.

After some days only I recognised that what he said then was for me to live happily without any regrets. If we had lived together right now, it won’t be that happy because first of all we won’t be allowed in our own family and then it won’t do any good. It will become more complicated. And so, he decided to part away which is good for me and also he gave the hopes of getting my love of work which is work at the airport.

I knew one thing for sure that our love was mutual and true but our love couldn’t last long. Though we don’t regret it and moved on.

I felt once again alive. I felt like I wanted to love once again this. And Oh! yeah, I fell again in love with this place. I love it. Though I couldn’t bring up myself to forget about Clint… I could at least be in my favourite place.

I was working for almost two years now. Once I started to see one person waiting for every day by the door as he was leaning over the wall, I got to get thoughts like is he a prisoner or maybe he is a terrorist.

But one day I wanted my head to get clear out of it. So, I confronted him. When I neared him and saw, I was shocked to see. It none other but my best friend, Sia. I was so happy to see her again. We hung out together and after some days later, I was arranged to get engaged.

I thought about it for some time because you know, just couldn’t bring myself to stop getting him on my mind. But however, I gotta stop it. I wanna change. So, I burnt up the pictures and the things we used and along with the memories I had. And that’s it, I loved him, he loved me but at last, it couldn’t become true. At last, I began to move on.

After I got married. Some days later, I was standing on the edge of the balcony watching the raindrops. It was so clear and transparent.

The raindrops taught me to don’t hide anything as like as its transparency and break off anything that you think you wanna hide it at that moment so that will end up as a small thing as like as the raindrops fall on the land but it didn’t seem to be that much matter.

Don’t hide up anything rather break it off at that moment, so that it won’t hurt you after like a bomb blast.


Thanks for reading.

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