What a moment was it when I caught her sight,
The atmosphere was fantastic, out there was dim light.
Nothing else, I could see, but I saw her eyes,
Oh! Nothing else beautiful wanna see if I say precise.

So sparkling they were, mocking full moon’s light,
They had such a grace, like soaring kite.
I was jealous of the ‘Kajal’ that she had on her eyes,
They were exorbitantly tinkling, I won’t tell lies.

Giving me a look, they just blinked,
Save me, my God, my heart just sinked.
As deep as the ocean, they were attractive as a top of a hill,
I felt lost in an exotic world, everything else was nill.

Where and why I lost her
This thought makes me irritate,
Those eyes have an imprint on my heart, no one can militate.
Less, I have said much more is reserved,
I am ain’t just exaggerating, but those blue eyes deserved
Those blue eyes deserved..!


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