Why is it my fault if we don’t have children yet?
Yes, I could have a problem, or maybe my husband does.
Who knows, both of us might have a problem with our reproductive organs.
Maybe, we don’t want to have kids just because society expects it.
You don’t know the reason. You are not really concerned, are you?
Yet, you want to ask, to sneer, to smirk, and to give me advice I haven’t asked for.
What is it to you if it’s been 9 years since I got married?
Why do you need to ask me about my hospital trips? Is it because you care?
I don’t see care in your harsh words either affection in your fake concern.
How can my marital life be assessed based on the number of kids I have?
Why should a health-related issue be treated as a character-defining component?
Do you know how many nights I cried?
Do you know the pain my husband goes through when he sees me depressed because of people like you?
What right do you have to torture me with ‘well-meaning’ words?
Do you think I cannot know the difference between fake and real people?
I know who my people are. I know who pray for my happiness.
It took me a long time, but now I know not to let your appetite for gossip ruin my peace of mind.
I know who’d be the happiest people when I conceive. And I know it’s not you. It’ll never be you.

Thanks for reading.

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