Durga: The Divine Mother Read and rate this story.

You are the inertia,
The passion and transcendence,
The divine mother’s
Feminine energy-.
In its full glory.

Descended from the heavenly abode
To destroy devils and demons.
In these nine days of joy and festivity
Chakras are awakened
In the echoes of your hymns.

The unfathomable power
Empowering the whole world.
But, can’t you see, Mother
That your off-springs* are in constant distress
Lost in the #MeToo campaign?

Fighting to remain safe,
Every single day-
From the womb to the tomb
Against every discrimination
To get a life of their own.

Use your Trishul to kill
All the social evil,
Your Chakra to slash the blind customs,
Your Sword to cut the inequalities and
Your Mace to smash the glass ceilings.

Your Arrow to land in self confidence
Your Conch to blow away harassment.
Your Lotus to spread the fragrance of happiness.
And make the world beautiful
With your eternal presence.

[* Offspring refers to women.]

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