A street light stood in the middle of the night,
bestowed light upon me in the blind fight,
showed me the path that led me home,
distinguished between wrong and right.

Oh! It was raining cats and dogs that night,
the raindrops lit like flies in flight.
I chose the path right, which shone with might,
by the light that was merciful and quiet.

I reached my home, both safe and sound,
dried myself, ’cause I was soaked,
went to bed and slept and slept;
the next day got up early from bed

finished my chores rather in dismay,
went back home through the same way,
’twas during the mid’st of the day,
that I searched for that universal mail.

Was it God that night?
Was it the Lord in sight?
Was it a message from heaven,
that helped me stride?

Then I looked up into the cloudy sky,
and saw myself standing below my saviour: The Street light.

Thanks for reading.

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