It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. The slow breeze polished our skin like a cream. The sweet cool aroma of the air carried along with it the sweet melodious words in the voice of Manu and Tara.

“Sathi hath badhana re, Sathi re.

Sathi hath badhana, Sathi hath badhana

Ek akela thak jaye

Milkar bojh oothana”

Hearing this, I quickly jumped out of my bed into the balcony. I saw Manu and Tara at Gate 1 smiling.

Gate 1 is a small hole made in the hedge boundary of Mr. Balu, my neighbor, for us to peep into his garden because he was allergic to our existence in his precious garden.

His allergy poked us to be there in his garden always. So we have made these all necessary adjustments for our safety and easy escapes.

I quickly rolled up my eyes from them to Seema’s balcony, which is diagonal to mine, where my eyes met her’s and we signaled to move.

We quickly reached to Gate 1. At the same time, Prateek and Jia overtook us and proceeded to Gate 2.

Gate 2 is another hole in the hedge boundary of Mr. Balu, opposite to Gate 1 boundary.

Seema and I, without being noticed, quickly slipped through the Gate 1. With bent back, we slowly and swiftly tip-toed underneath the windows to the backyard where the magnificent giant guava tree stood outstretched all over the backyard. But its real beauty was to see those beautiful big round guavas hanging almost everywhere. That sight itself was provoking.

We quickly took a look all around. All was clear and calm. We quietly climbed the tree and reached the first guava with the right hand and then the next one and then another and so on. Very quickly our small bags got full but neither the tree was finished nor our heart was ready to leave them all for Scrooge Balu. So, I plucked one more for my right hand and another for left hand and another which rolled down straight to the ground with a loud noise Bhat!!!!!

Seema and I looked at each other and froze for a moment. Prateek and Jia stood still taking a roundabout look. All was still same. Manu and Tara looked straight at the entrance door and that very moment the door opened and Scrooge Balu dashed out of the door frowning and shouting “I know you all little monsters, you all have again attacked my guava. You all just come in my hands; I will show you what it means to be even around my guavas. ”

Manu turned her back to him and sang

“Ja Ja…. Kabutar ja ja…”

And they both walked straight to the roadside shop. Hearing this song, Prateek and Jia heeded towards the big play ground and vanished amidst the bushes.

Seema and I quickly slipped down the tree. My frock got stuck and tore. Still I ran and peeped out of Gate 2. Seema and I walked straight towards the back of our building and into the back street.

After half-an-hour we all gathered in my house one by one. In front of us was a full plate of guavas sprinkled with black salt and red chilli powder. It tasted awesome. Our eyes twinkled even brighter as we took every bite of those guavas.

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