“Let’s light her up” I said, taking a step back, staring at the tree we decorated so fondly. It was Christmas Eve and we had just finished decorating. The tree lit up the night sky. It was almost 10, the aroma of sweet dishes filled the air, Carols resounded, and happiness and love brought in – the spirit of Christmas. All my friends wished me Merry Christmas and left. I sat near the tree and watched the winter decorate it with snowflakes. It was like the season was teasing me for decorating the tree so badly. As the snowflakes touched my palm, I heard a whisper; I glanced around only to find myself alone. I suddenly felt someone giving me hug from the back. There wasn’t anyone. I was completely sober. It was too cold for anyone to be outside at that time. Everything fell silent around me. I searched for my pills, but couldn’t find them in my jacket. “Merry Christmas” She whispered. I could clearly recognize her. “It’s been 5 years” she said “yet you still hang the stars at the wrong place”. “I’m sorry” I replied as tears began to roll down my cold cheeks. “It wasn’t your fault” she said pinching my chin, “take care of rose; I’ll always be with you”. “Why are you crying Daddy?” Rose said wiping my tears. “Let’s go inside and bake some cookies for Santa” She said pulling me by the finger. That scar on her head reminded me the accident. Rose had lost her memories of the accident, While I had lost myself.

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