The white snow on the gingerbread houses, little tufts of delicious smoke from the cigar like chimneys, tinkle of bells, decorated fir trees dancing to the carols stringed with merry lights – Christmas was around the corner.

A little holey nearby had a mother aproned and feverishly cooking batches of cakes and cookies.

‘ He would be home soon, my little one’

She thought so lovingly.

Wham! Swish! Thud!

Cocky, dripping, fluttering his wings was home. He was a handsome cock with a vibrant smile.

Brimming with happiness, soaked his mother with a hug.

‘ Mum! I have something great to tell you. I bet you won’t be disappointed.’

‘Really! Don’t tell me that you again entered the worm wriggling festival. It’s Christmas and I want you home.’


He grabbed her by the wings, twirled a jazz.

‘ I have been selected for the Christmas celebration at the royal palace. A week’s practice and the D-day. Rocky and Sandy are going with me too.’

She smiled an uneasy smile. But let him go nevertheless. She would go and check on him soon.

Six days of constant presumptions and unknown fears, and then she went to the king’s. Turned down multiple times; she pleaded with guards. Cocky had been kept with at least ten other. He had swelled up abnormally like a huge goose. She was horrified to see her son chained, huffing words of consolation but still happy.

Something was hugely amiss, her heart told her. Christmas carols were in the air while she peeped into the glasses of the palace. A splendid dinner lay on the table. The humans smiled, ate and drank with a huge chicken dish lying in the centre. It was all merry and she knew, she would never see her son again.

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