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It was a Sunday afternoon and she was returning to her home after 21 days. It was the longest she was away from her family. She knew, that both of her kids are grown up now and don’t need her the way they used to need her when they were little kids. Since she knew that her family wouldn’t be expecting her, she wanted to surprise them with her presence.

Entering from the back door was a part of the plan as they keep it open in the daytime. Although it was her plan to surprise the family, instead she was shocked on seeing the condition of the house. The house was smelling bad. She went straight into the kitchen.

‘Sara definitely has tried to make pasta for herself’, she could guess from the unwashed utensils. She wondered how they have managed these three weeks without her. She wanted to shout at Sara and teach her a lesson on hygiene, but she couldn’t just start complaining.

‘Let me first give my girl a hug and these complaints can wait’, she thought and moved into Sara’s room.

‘Hey baby, see I am baaa…’, she couldn’t complete her sentence. How could she? After all, she didn’t want to disturb her queen. She quietly kissed her forehead and moved out of her room.

Sam was more mature than Sara. It was Sam, whom she trusted more, even more than Josh to take care of Sara. She got married to Josh 24 years back and Sara completed their family. It was Sam who was closer to her and so she next moved to his room.

Sam usually keeps the room doors closed. It was no other special day. Just when she thought to enter the room with a push, she heard him talking over the phone.

‘Happy? Yes, I am happy. Even, I am the happiest when I am with you’

‘So, what? I don’t care. I never asked dad about his new friend. Why should I tell him then?’

‘I, of course, miss her. I guess, we all do but I also want this phase to pass soon. ’

She didn’t enter his room but was lost in her thoughts. She couldn’t understand, what should be her reaction? Her son is dating someone now which she knows now. Should she be happy, sad or indifferent about it? At least, she couldn’t be indifferent about Josh’s this new friend. Should she be happy that Josh is now moving on? She was struck by the onslaught of millions of emotions at that time. What made her happy that his son is a grown up now, more matured than he was.

This was a very overwhelming moment for and she started crying in the middle of the living room. This is when everyone came to see her. They were all surprised to see a hummingbird chirping in the middle of the living room on a Sunday afternoon.

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