“Daddy, why didn’t you go to the office today?” asked Rohan, as I was enjoying my morning tea with Maithli.

“Beta its republic day, so it’s a holiday”, replied Manish.

“What is re..blic day, dad?”

Laughingly Manish corrects, “It’s not re..blic day dear, its RE-PUBLIC DAY.”

“Our freedom fighters fought with English men and got us free.”

“They thought if kings reign again slavery will persist. So there should be some other way. So on Republic day, they made the rule book, as the king.”

“Rule Book? How can a book become a king, dad?”

Cuddling Rohan in his arms, he says, “You watch cricket with me na. How many players are there?”


“Right. So who decides who will be bowling first or be the opening batsman?”

“Of course, the captain.”

“Yes. The captain studies his each team members and picks up his best five-person bowlingteam so that he gets maximum wickets in his early overs thus curbs the score. He also replaces his players in poor forms. He doesn’t put his favorite players but best ones by the rule book he has formed, studying his players. ”

“In the same way, we elect our best ministers, the guardians of the rule book by vote, to work for the betterment of our nation. Just like your class teacher who observes all the students of your class and makes a rule book of the class. According to this rule book, she makes some students all-rounders, some painter, and some singers bringing great laurels to the school and the nation. ”

“Oh! I see. This is how the rule book becomes the king.”

“Dad, when I grow big like you, I too will follow the rule book and bring great honors to my country.”

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