Dear Mr Debashis,

I wanted to tell you something. I tried many times but couldn’t gather courage. I feel shy even today. Well… I want to say that… you are… very handsome. You are so tall and impressive. I like the countable hairs on your oily pate.

Here, both burst into loud laughter. I only tittered.

I was writing it for I could write in different hands. Ratin had suggested getting it typed. But Bikram had objected to it saying the letter wouldn’t have that feel then.

And you teach so well. Your eccentric way of teaching alzebra has won my heart.

I want to meet and thank you personally…

“Hey, write ‘with a red rose’,” suggested Bikram, the mastermind among us.

Ratin and I couldn’t help chuckling again.

…with a red rose… I added.

Suddenly I felt my conscience kicking me from inside.

“Friends, I hope this is just for fun. You don’t mean it.” I asked doubtingly.

“Hey lily-livered, don’t worry. It’s just for fun,” assured Bikram and winked at Ratin.

Emboldened at his assurance, I resumed,

…let’s meet at the park near our school. Do come. I shall wait.

Your love…

“Hey, now what? Whose name?”

“Write your name, you wrote it,” Bikram said so sternly that it scared me. But next moment he guffawed and kinder Ratin perceving beads of sweat on my forehead said, “Write Sheila.”

“Write Mitali,” tee-heed Bikram.

“Hey no, not teacher’s name. Shiela is OK.” Ratin protested.

I wrote ‘Miss Shiela’ and finished the letter.

We then dropped it into the abandoned letter-box without a bottom. It fell through it into the drain below and got wet and blackened by the dirty water.

We all laughed heartily for our love letter to our Maths teacher failed to deliver.


[P.S.: Inspired by a real schooldays incident. Names of the characters have been changed to hide identity of the real people. Written without any malice towards anyone.]

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