Laura was greeted by dim candlelight, a windy staircase and an auctioneer, Cora. She had purchased the abandoned Civil War-era estate in Albion, NY. Her love for antiques made her to win this auction.  

Climbing the stairs she proceeded inside a room. It was littered with undelivered letters. Laura picked one of them and read.

“Every time when I come to see you to say it out loud, I chicken and choke up on the words. Please be my valentine.


It addressed Marlin, a celeb.  

“Lord of this manor, was a lyricist cum pianist. He was also a composer of “Be my valentine” a famous album in which Marlin had enacted. Paparazzi say that he fell in love with her at first-sight. But then he was mocked for his distorted face and satanic “red-eye”. Perhaps that pulled down his confidence from expressing his love for her and lose his life” explained Cora.

Laura scorned at it and put the letter in a casket which was on the table near a Gramophone. She then wound up the Gramophone. It played “Be my valentine” song. Listening for few seconds she unwound it. While leaving the room, the piano which was in the left-corner to door, grabbed her attention. She ran her fingers through the keyboards randomly and came out locking the room.

Laura then hugged Cora for making her know on such blissful Manor and bid adieu. Later lying back on the couch, she napped awhile. Suddenly she heard a loud screech followed by the hit of strings on piano. The rhythm picked up the tune of “Be my valentine…”. It chilled down her spine. Laura ran upstairs and peeped inside the keyhole of the room.  By then the music seized. But wait! “Why the room appears infrared?” Laura baffled.


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