“Once again, the best employee award goes to Mr.Rajan”, announced the CEO in the Annual day ceremony.

“Dude, you have been working here for 4 years. You have got the award for all four years. Moreover, you have developed many complex software applications. How passionate you are! What is the secret of your achievements?” excited my senior colleague.

I grinned, “please don’t embarrass me.it’s simple. I learned how to be independent to live a regretless life “.


It’s not just the first year of my Engineering degree but also the reminiscence of my first-love. Ms.Malala, my classmate, whom I wanted to be my soulmate, was a moral of beauty. It’s not just her beauty that made me feel like Shakespear but also her thoughts towards humanity electrified me writing melodious poetries. But I encapsulated my true love for a few months.

I decided to let her decode my love-pulses on 14-Feb-2011. I wanted to write a unique love-letter for her.

“Dude, please assist me writing a C-programming-code that displays ‘I-LOVE-YOU’ on the computer-monitor if the code is executed”, I requested a bookworm geek of our class.

“For whom?”

“For Malala”

“Rajan, she is a Muslim girl!”

“But she is a human, right?”

“Fine! But just letters won’t be impressive? Let’s write a code printing animated-love-symbols on the screen.” his words provoked my curiosity. I agreed and forwarded the letter to her.

On the next day, She wanted to meet me. As she approached me, my heart skipped a beat.

“Mr.Rajan, I tried executing your C-program. But It was throwing errors. So please learn to code properly. Bye…”

I regretted my poems remained hid as I failed to express my first-love. The code of love reached her computer but not her heart.


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