“Papa, papa, teacher said to write a letter to yourself.’
Mahesh recollected his college day where he was chitchatting with his friends in the lobby. She passed by, Mahesh’s eyes followed her till she reached the staircase. She didn’t  have the slightest notion of Mahesh’s inclination towards her as she had feelings for someone else.

He never had the courage to confront her because of the result that would follow.
“Good morning class,” greeted Mr. Santosh, an astute psychology professor.
“So friends, you all will write a letter to someone,to yourself,” he ordered. The best letter would be read aloud.
Mahesh was day dreaming and heard an incomplete sentence. He was overjoyed and started writing.
Dear Maheshwari,
             It’s been since very long I have feelings for you.Finally want to admit my love for you. I know it will be difficult for you to accept the change that you would have to go through to start loving me all over again.
(Thinking what more to write since he was bad at expressing.)
    “Time up! Ajit, please collect and handover all the letters to me,” commanded the professor. Ajit forcibly took Mahesh’s incomplete letter as well.
“God, please select mine,”prayed Mahesh.
Next morning…
      “Good morning, sir,” greeted the class. “Who’s letter is this?”
“Yes! I did it,” excitedly Mahesh stood . As professor saw it was Mahesh he was startled.
        The professor then started explaining.
“Do you know, this isn’t accepted in the society. When did this happen. Please start yoga. Start meditating. It will help you find yourself. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Do your parents know about this?”
(Mahesh all confused)
“Mahesh, you had to write about yourself, what did you write”whispered his benchmate.
“Papa, please help.”Riya shook Mahesh and he just smirked.
-Fatema Shabbir Mahuvawala

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