1 Jan 20__
Dear Miss Jameson,
Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true this year.
I am writing from Bangalore. I am staying in a big hospital because I am not well. I came in December because my stomach was paining so much and one day I fell down and fell asleep I think. My mother said it is because I eat so many sweets. I heard Doctor Auntie talking to Papa about a Liver Plant for me. I think Liver Plant is very hard to find because Papa looked so scared. I have told him there is a big park in Bangalore called Lal Bagh. They will surely have it. I think he felt bad he didn’t know about Lal Bagh himself, because I saw him wiping his eyes afterwards.
Miss, I wanted to write to you to say thank you, and tell you how much I loved having you as class teacher last year.
Miss, you know, sometimes some girls in class make fun of me because my mother puts oil in my hair. They call me ‘oil well Isabelle’. Some girls don’t want to stand near me in morning assembly because they say I smell like mustard oil. Miss, remember the first time you read my English composition to the whole class and told it was the best composition? That day I was crying so much in lunch time. But after your class I was so proud and so happy and I never cried like that again all year.
When I start Class 6 in March, I hope you are promoted too, so that I will have you as class teacher again.
Miss, my stomach is paining again. I will write to you after
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