13th Feb 1998.


Suraj Mahajan,

Class V, Section -A.

Subject: Love Letter

Dear Aashika,

How are you? Hope you are in the pink of your health.

This is to inform you that I really like you a lot. The moment you walk in the class, my heart goes ‘dhak dhak’. When I see you smiling and giggling, I too feel very happy.

If you like me too, will you celebrate Valentine’s day with me? We can share our tiffins during recess. I will ask Mommy to make your favorite sandwiches.

Thank you

Your’s truly


“Wow.. Yaar!! How nicely you have written. No wonder you are the topper in class. She will surely be impressed,” enthused Mayank, Suraj’s best friend, “but how are you going to give it to her?”

“I have thought of that too. When our Maths teacher will hand me the homework books to be distributed, I will slide it in her book. ”

Plan formulated, Suraj went for the execution.

Everything worked as per plan when; “Aashika, hand your book back to me. I will be handing it to your parents, this is the third time that you have not finished your homework,” boomed the teacher’s voice throughout the class as she snatched the book off Aashika’s hand. While Aashika’s eyes brimmed with tears, Suraj’s heart went ‘dhak dhak’ for all together a different reason.

His mind racing to stop the letter reaching the teacher’s hand, he let out a cry, meeting Mayank’s eyes, as he feigned to have been hit by a bench. Mayank, getting the hint, quickly removed the letter from the book that teacher had placed on the bench while tending to Suraj.

Years later, this tale of the first love letter, was the highlight of the two best friends conversation.


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