Naina was the first to reach school. Her heart thumping at over 100 miles per hour. Naina tip-toed into the 12th standard classroom and stopped near Aman’s seat. She took a deep breath then fished out a letter from her bag and placed it inside the desk drawer and left.

She was in love with Aman, the school basketball captain, since she was in 9th and he was in 10th. This was the last year for Aman in this school and she was desperate to let him know.

“I have loved you for the last two years.

I know you feel it too, ‘cause I see it in your eyes.

Meet me near the water fountain at lunchtime.

I need to talk to you.”


Time would not move, or so it seemed to Naina. “What happened Naina? Where are you lost?” asked Piya, her best friend.

Naina had not shared her plans even with Piya. “Uh…nothing, am just thinking of the upcoming test.” She mumbled.

Finally, it was lunchtime and Naina kept an eye on the water fountain. But Aman was nowhere to be seen. She had to wait. Every few minutes she would check but Aman was missing. Naina was now little tensed, “Did he get the letter? Was he able to guess who it was and didn’t like to meet me?” Doubts nudged her.

After sometime Naina realized, that Manoj, Aman’s classmate, was standing near the water fountain for a long time. He was looking intently at all the people near the fountain. Naina wondered what he was doing there.

Just then Piya ran up to her, “So I know why you are distracted today.” Naina was startled, “What? Why?”

“Because Aman is absent today.” Piya winked and pulled the crestfallen Naina to the class.


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