Year 1994

She packed her bags hurriedly,hours after she received the telegram.It read”Dad suffered stroke.Come urgently.”She worked as a teacher in Coorg while her father Col.Arnold,a retired army man,lived in Goa.
Late that night,as she walked on the cobbled street of this old Portuguese town,her heart skipped. “What if we see each other?”she mumbled with pain.Next morning unfortunately her father passed away,but luckily he handed her the note.
Few days later at her father’s obituary,she met her once childhood friend Naaz.Whatever she heard from Naaz left her in dismay.
Year 1980–
Colin and Angelie met at the Sunday mass. The teenage eyes locked,their hearts bloomed with fragrance.The cirrus clouds transported them to an angelic land,the sun kissed water  slopes reflected rainbows,the breeze played with her golden locks,as Angelie replaced a few tendrils of her strands behind her ear.He was floored.
The conservative atmosphere around them prohibited the teenagers from merging into one.Their unspoken love for each other was the sting of everyone’s eyes.Colin belonged to a lower class while Angelie was the daughter of a reputed person.When Angelie disclosed her love for Colin to her father,he adamantly rejected such love union and forcibly sent her abroad the next morning.
Present day
As she reads the old letter that her dad handed
“Dear An,I am your culprit.I have destroyed both of your lives.Attached to this is the letter that Colin wrote to you before committing suicide.”
She opened the old,reddish,crisp letter with trembling hands
“I waited for hours at your door,
But failed to see a sign of yours.
With heavy heart and bowed head,
I slip this note for you to read.
Our eyes met,our hearts agreed,
But our love lost to the world’s greed.
Anytime,everywhere,near this sea,
Whenever you visit,you’ll always find me.”
-Sonali Bhattacharya


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