“Julie, I have booked three tickets of ‘Maine pyaar kiya’ as you wished.” Informed Jagdish, enthusiastic yet annoyed.

“Woah! You, me and Jugal will have fun together. Weekend is set.” Julie cheered.

“Destroyed I must say.”

Jagdish was grumbling inwardly for Jugal playing gooseberry in his yet to bloom relationship with Julie.

Jugal too built castle in the air with Julie. He dreamt in day time too.

Ignorant Julie just considered Jagdish and Jugal her childhood friends.

However, the two always tried to outsmart each other to win her heart.

They all watched movie together. As they were discussing, Julie exclaimed, “Bhaagyashree was a soul of this movie, so elegant!”

“No heroine is as pretty as you Julie.” Jugal praised her and Jagdish was getting jealous.

Julie smiled proudly. She then asked about the cost of tickets and other expenses spent by Jagdish during their day out but he denied to say.

“Please write on the paper and send me if you are shy to tell.” She requested.

Jagdish got good chance of proposing her. Finally, his melodious letter sang;

My love encloses, a plot of roses,

And when shall be then our next meeting..

Will you be my Valentine? Let’s go to Rozy’s Cafe on Sunday..

Only Yours


Jagdish told a small boy playing cricket in the colony for delivering a letter to Julie. He then left singing happily ‘Kabootar ja ja ja..’ Jugal secretly came, took the letter from boy and said he would do this job for his best friend.

“Pehle pyar ki dusri chitthi tisre ko de aa..” he wickedly grinned and handed a letter to the flirtatious and having a misconception of ‘oh so hot’ about herself, ‘Pammi Aunty.’ An eligible spinster and still young at heart.

Sigh! Jagdish’s day was at stake.

Zahabia Ujjainwala

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