Noori was the shy girl of the colony, and Vicky used to admire her from his window.

Slowly they were falling for each other.  ‘Load shedding’ is common in colonies. Vicky used to take this opportunity with no lights in the colony and would play guitar on new songs with his boys team cheering up from background.  He was one among the paying guests staying in that same

Noori was aware of his antics and tactics for her. She would always wait for the 6 to 9 timings for ‘load shedding’ .
The sky light, the flickering light of candle in Noori’s room and Vicky with his guitar in the window opposite to her balcony. Noori was in love.
Vicky started following her in his cycle to Noori’s coaching classes. Noori was aware of all these, but she avoided him . She was a practical girl with emotions.
Vicky was enjoying this life.

On valentine’s day, he came with a letter and was waiting under the same tree near Noori’s coaching class. He tried to handover the letter to her.
But Noori ignored it saying ‘ give it to my parents’.
And that was the end of their story.
He never followed her back, and after an year he left the colony.
After 22yrs of married life, while cherishing the snaps of colony album she regrets of her rejection to that love letter.
A letter with love which she never received through out her life.

-Esha Dasgupta

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