Dearest Khushi,

From today onwards you are not going to walk alone. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home. I am eager to see you in red dress on 14th February.

Love you,


Karthik puts the letter in a red envelope and then also wraps a box of chocolate in a red paper.

Karthik: Everything is ready now my brother. Can you please do me a favour?

Mohan: Yes sure bro!

Karthik: Please give this letter to Khushi before 14th February.

Mohan: Khushi? I don’t know any such girl.

Karthik: I mean please give it to Kritika. I call her Khushi, she is my happiness.

Mohan: Ahem! Ahem!

But unfortunately she is not coming to college since a week.

Karthik: I know, I am worried. I hope she is not getting married. Please brother, please just deliver the letter.

Mohan: Yes, I will.

Mohan did not feel comfortable to directly handover the letter to Kritika, so he left it in her letter box.

Mohan on phone with Karthik

Mohan: I delivered the letter brother.

Karthik: Really! Did you give it in her hands?

Mohan: No, no, I left it in her letter box. She must have read it by now even.

Karthik: Thank you Mohan. You are my best friend.

Soon after that Karthik passed by Kritika’s home just to catch glimpse of her. But he never saw her.

Finally the Valentine’s Day arrived, time passed by, Kritika did not turn up in the college.

Karthik ( in tears): I think she doesn’t love me.

Mohan: Brother keep your calm, come with me.

Look at your Khushi’s photo here, she is no more. She was in the last stage of cancer. She died yesterday.

Karthik: You mean my letter failed to get delivered?


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