Saba and Johar met each other first at the school function. She was the teacher of the deaf and dumb school and he one of the trustees. After that, they often met in the school premises.

Things changed. Saba found him, somebody like her and blossom of love was aching her heart. His simplicity and desire for doing something for the disabled kids, made her becoming fond of him.She didn’t knew whether he felt the same or not.But, somewhere she couldn’t resist herself to live him.Finally, she decided to tell him her feelings. She wrote all her emotions in a piece of paper and kept inside her diary undelivered, searching for the right time .

Time play twists often. To her surprise, Johar’s family wanted to visit her family. The moment she got this news, she felt she won the trophy of love. She didn’t want anything else in her life.

But, destiny had some other plans. Johar was interested to marry Sana, younger sister of Saba.They loved each other and wished to get marry.

Something shattered inside her. She lost her balance. She cried the whole night. But, she couldn’t be devil for her own sister. It would be a sin, if she love her sister’s husband. She decided to keep her silent love buried in her heart forever.

Today, she burnt the only evidence of her love story and participated in Sana’s marriage ceremony with whole heart like nothing happened ever. Though her love didn’t win, but she was happy to see his happy eyes.

-Alka Mishra


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