The college hall was all agog with the cheers and laughter of old students . Some had changed beyond recognition and some were still the same .Gayatri hugged Radhika as soon as she saw her ,” How beautiful  have you grown !” Radhika had always been charming and Gayatri  had been a witness to  dozen of her romances , one of which ultimately culminated into marriage .

After the cultural programme they decided to take a round of the college, discussing their teachers , classfellows . Every nook and corner brought about old memories .” Do you remember Radhika ,  Raman had brought a rose for us “ None of the girls accepted it ,then he had to tell that the boys would give. him Rs 1000 if any one of the girls accepted it . You had taken it with the condition that he would give half the money to you.” “ You know Radhika I was jealous of your confidence , your boldness and your beauty . I admired you and wanted to be like you .” “ Really ?  I like you for your simplicity and intelligence .” But nobody ever loved me ,”  Radhika stopped and dragged her to old lecture hall . It had tiers of fixed seats . First two rows were reserved for the girls .” Do you remember where you sat ? “ Yes “  “ Now turn around and look “ Gayatri looked . Every inch of the bench was scribbled with the words . Roll no .13 I love you . “ Now do you remember the boy who sat here “ He is a famous surgeon now .and who was roll no. 13 .” Gayatri stood there bewildered . “ why nobody told me about it ?” Who would dare t

o tell such a thing to the formidable daughter of formidable head of the department of physics ?”



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