Chumki, the seven year old little girl was unable to bear the grief. What she should do? Whom to share her pain and anguish? Her baba(father) seemed very sad. She was
afraid to look at the sorrowful face of him.She decided to write a litter to her mother.
Dear ma,
            Why did you leave me and baba? We are crying a lot. Where are you now?Grandma says you have gone above to the sky.How can I send this letter to you? I don’t have the address of the sky. Teacher Didi said a proper address takes a letter to its destination.
             OK ma, I will take this letter to the Hanuman temple near our house. I will show it to Hanumanji. He is God. He can read and fly to you. He will tell you my trouble.
         Chumki  went to the temple. She gave her letter to the pundit. “Panditji, show this letter to God. He will tell my ma.”The pundit smothered her head with affection. His heart was sobbing for the motherless little girl. He showed the letter chanting something. He must be begging God for the peace of mind of the bereaved girl.
          Chumki returned home with the letter. She went to the room of her mother. She pasted the letter on the wall with gum.
           After fifteen years……
The  girl Chumki ,now a days called by her good name Chinmayee ,is staying with her husband Bibek  at Kolkota. Her
 baba has become old. But the letter to her mother is still on the wall at her father’s house. Every morning her baba  sees the letter and says “stay happy my Chummi stay blessed my child. “

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