Dear Vishal,

It took a lot of mental cajoling to sit down and pen this letter. You would ask me why? It is our little Valentine’s Day tradition after all to write letters to each other. So, here I am. As I begin writing I can almost picture you flashing that crooked smile of yours. How you know that you can always escape my wrath by the sheer power of your gooey grin!

Today, I wonder how Time on its ‘winged chariot’ flew so fast. Time is indeed fickle and leaves us forever wondering about moments which could have been relived, actions which we could undo.

You always tell me to live in the moment and I being an incorrigible pessimist smirk away to glory. But, I am learning to unlearn things and turning a new leaf.

I am sure you would like the ‘new’ me. You have always been the wind beneath my wings and I am forever grateful to you for that.

Forever team V &V


Vaani folded the piece of paper which had little poppy flowers imprinted on it. The red flowers seemed to be engulfing the words making a kaleidoscope of sorts. She sighed and rambled laboriously towards the living room.

There he was, smiling at her. The crooked grin tugged at the farthest corners of her heart yet again.

“Happy Valentine’s Day”, she said and slipped the letter on the mantelpiece where a metallic frame showed a man in an olive green uniform.

Instantly, she thought of the many love letters which lay undelivered, unread and some even buried in the abyss of grief stricken hearts because for some men the love for one’s motherland came first.

She closed her eyes and an errant tear trickled down her eyes.

-Meha Sharma


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