YEAR 2007
Alumni Meet, Today, 7pm. onwards.’ was the message on Sarthak’s Orkut account.
Sarthak, a rich Entrepreneur in his early 40’s and certainly far more successful than his batchmates.
He was an average looking man but with regular keep-fit sessions, he had managed to look much younger for his age.
“Lavanya must be invited too….,” Sarthak’s heart housing a bubble.
“Why should I care…?” the mind popping that bubble.
Year 1987, Tuesday, 4:30am
The trash was over fed with wrinkled Love Letters.
“Lavanya will leave tomorrow. This is the final chance to say my feelings to her…..” Sarthak contemplated.
The same Afternoon…
Lavanya was wishing goodbyes and giving remembrance gifts to her friends.
Sarthak was struggling hard to muster the courage, to give the letter to his friend and love, Lavanya.
Just then…..a Contessa stopped and a tall handsome guy came out of the car.
Lavanya and the tall handsome guy embraced. They blethered. They laughed. And soon the Contessa drove out of the College gate.
Sarthak was left stranded, thinking “So, she settled for riches! Ah..Gold digger!”
Year 2007, At the Alumni Meet:
Lavanya’s ebullience made Sarthak uncomfortable. He was yearning to see a sense of regret in her eyes.
So after few shots of whisky, Sarthak walked up to Lavanya and said “You know, I was madly in love with you in College. And you missed your chance! See, where I am now.”
“I am proud of your achievements, Sarthak!”
Sarthak wanted to pin her down more and said, “And that remembrance gift you gave, remains unopened.”
Her eyes moistened. “Sarthak, I wish you would have…..”
Some day… A Tuesday, 4:30am
Sarthak finally unwrapped Lavanya’s gift.
The rude awakening…
A bundle of Love Letters written to him by Lavanya.
Unread! Unfelt! 

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