It was my passion to become a fighter pilot one day. Whenever I used to see the MIGs blow past the fields in my hometown of Ambala, I used to dream of sitting in the cockpit one day and looking at the world from the top. It had never happened that a lady would have become a fighter pilot. Yet the hope was still alive in my heart. As luck would have had it, I joined the air force as a helicopter pilot. I longed to see myself in overalls with my name tab “Anaisha”.

Rohin was my senior in the academy and would help me with my daily assignments, sortie profiles and debrief lessons. I admired him a lot. One day I was his co-pilot in a training sortie. Somehow the controls started misbehaving and the chopper went out of control. Rohin immediately took over and brought the chopper hovering very close to the ground. He tried his best but that was meant to be our last day, it was sure we won’t see the light of the day.

The mutilated bodies reached the hospital. Both were declared brought dead. A letter came out of the overall Rohin was wearing. The nurse read it to herself “Dear Anaisha, I have admired you from the core of my heart. I can’t tell you how much I love you. But more than I love you, I respect your determination to be a pilot one day. I did not say it to you till now, but today is your last training sortie. After that you earn your wings. And as you do that I would want you to spend each and every moment of your life with me until death do us apart. Your and only yours Rohin.”

-Gaurav Sharma


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